Covid 19- A pandemic of Covid, an epidemic of lies, deceit and corruption.

All lies masked

Covid hit the world some time in late 2019, initially at Wuhan and then slowly spread its tentacles to spread to every country in the world devastating human lives.

After Auschwitz now Wuhan became the most cursed city in the world history. Covid brought misery and suffering to mankind, but not to all. A few or many flourished. They made the pandemic to work to their advantage, many lost their lives, many cashed on them. Doctors, paramedics, traders, bureaucrats, politicians NGOs all went for the kill.

Lockdowns broke the backbone of the masses

Even as lock-downs hurt business, people lost jobs and found it difficult to make ends meet the unscrupulous made merry. As the second and third waves followed the first the series of deceit, lies and corruption kept on mounting.

In the initial stages of the pandemic especially in the first wave, everything from gloves, sanitizers, N95 masks, PPE kits were being bought and 5 to ten times the cost, argument being we have to provide. Equipment was need to tackle the pandemic, the suppliers managed to sell equipment both wanted and unwanted at twice or thrice the cost and in quantities perhaps which wasn’t needed. Right from hand sanitizers to funny equipment that promised to clear the atmosphere of the virus was purchased, not to tackle the epidemic but to fill one’s pockets. All knew opportunity knocks only once! Then came the testing kits sold at exorbitantly high costs. Rapid antigen kits sold then at above 500 rupees are now available for less than 50 rupees, but the killing had been made. Money had exchanged hands, every one in the system was happy, to hell with the patients, covid must stay now, it was their bread and butter.

ICU just no beds

Some where somebody frantically searched for an oxygen bed an ICU or a ventilator while the pimps in the system bought oxygen from their greedy suppliers at a premium. What normally cost 12 to 15 rupees a unit was purchased at 25 to 40 rupees. that’s because the kickbacks traveled from the lowest clerks to the highest officers.

Reasons given were that it was in short supply, in a disaster or emergency they had no other option, so they weren’t wrong. Then again people kept moving from one hospital to another on search of an ICU bed for their loved ones, literally none were available, many died for lack of an oxygen or ICU bed. Another opportunity grabbed, hawk eyed officers saw it immediately, buy more ventilators, buy many more oxygen generation machines, buy more jumbo cylinders, HFNO, syringe pumps, ICU beds,defibrillators etc. of course all at highly inflated price ranging from 100 to 200 percent of the original peace time costs.

Bureaucrats are bosses

Non-medical bureaucrats took over the control measures for the epidemic. They prided themselves in their knowledge of medicine mostly acquired from the internet, google and some from the doctors. They shared their newly acquired knowledge with the political class and then they together took decisions which in the eye of citizens seemed to be so citizen friendly and proactive. Half-baked ideas took the forefront not knowing the outcomes or implications of their decisions.

They worked

Meanwhile, the doctors and the paramedical staff slogged, especially from the government sector and so also the private sector. Long endless hours of duty, no leaves, they had to save peoples lives. The private sector too was overburdened as the flow of patients and deaths went on rising. Beds were scarce so were medicines like remdesivir and tocilizumab. The black market thrived. Deaths kept on rising. Some died {the poor and the downtrodden} some passed away {the rich and the elite}. Each person had a tale to tell as to why the deaths occurred, lack of medicines, not getting a hospital bed. No oxygen beds available or no ventilators available. There wasn’t a single person who hadn’t lost a near one, maybe a friend, an acquaintance, parent, child or sibling. The wrath of the virus took them all away.

Some of the private and corporate hospital too jumped into the fray of making a fast buck, exorbitant bills were passed on to patients, medicines in short supply were being sold at a heavy premium, patients were being over charged or wrongly charged. Not all hospital owners though were as unethical, there were those who did an excellent job treated their patients well never fleeced them but the ones who fleeced patients overshadowed the work of the good ones. Some of them earned money that they wouldn’t have earned in their lifetime had covid not come. The money they generated was unbelievable, of course the common man, the patients lost out. Governments made a feeble attempt or was it a show bringing prices under control but never succeeded, in fact it looks like they never intended to.

Mad rush at crematoriums

 The rush at the crematoriums were huge, waiting period to get on to the traditional pyres or the electric crematoriums was long, indeed a sorrowful state of affairs. It took hors hours for ones turn to come. There was no dignity in death too. Relatives too shied away from accompanying their dead, the fear of contacting covid kept them outside the crematoriums. A handful of good Samaritans came forward to cremate or bury the dead for no remuneration, God bless these kind souls. The people who looked after the crematoriums too found a chance to make a fast buck, payments if made got the dead and early cremation, even in death no one gave up the opportunity to make a fast buck.

Social media like Facebook was daily filled with obituaries of people who had succumbed to covid, of course soon to be forgotten. This made no difference to the wolves in the system whose only aim was to find newer avenues to make more money. Suppliers of plastic death bags too were happy at the increasing deaths; they could sell more at a cost they and the system decided.

The silver lining in the whole situation was the advent of the vaccines, the scientist worked overtime to get them ready, excellent research by them. The manufacturers got their work going fast, were able to provide succor to a frightened population. Of course, they shall make their profits but one thing is certain, they kept the prices affordable. At least they did not take advantage of the situation, thank God for this.

All said and done covid played havoc with lives of many families while it came as boon to others. Who is to blame, China? The virus? God? Or the system of the country and state?

Answers to this cannot be readily got, but the human being’s natural instinct of greed to make more and more money by whatever means without respect for lives of their own brethren is the root cause for the suffering during this pandemic.

Whether it, the virus and the illness itself could have been prevented or controlled is another debate.

One thing is for sure, had the political class left the management of the pandemic in the hands of the medical fraternity rather than the bureaucrats , the picture would have been different

Published by Dr. K Anil Roy

Medical doctor, partly atheist but believes there is a god, anti establishment, renegade, proud to be an Indian, an awakened one,!! Tolerant to criticism

50 thoughts on “Covid 19- A pandemic of Covid, an epidemic of lies, deceit and corruption.

  1. 1. Very well summarised write-up! The world has become greedy to unacceptable limits. In Marathi, there is a saying….मेलेल्याच्या टाळूवरचं लोणी काढून खातील हे लोक 😡 …just this, has happened world over.
    2. Sad reality is that the disease being new, there was no experience and so no consensus in treatment. Also the disease got such a hype that even for mild illness, there was huge cry just out if fear. People were out if senses. This promoted corruption.
    3. One really wonders if government bis ruling the country or beaurocracy is ruling the government! Formation of standard guidelines with experts’ advice could have helped all!
    4. Humanity was lost in human greed! World has become a bedlam. Shall we be wiser with th situation???

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  2. Excellently summarized thoughts ,throwing spotlight on real issues not so discussed .
    Making hay while the sun shines as they say .
    Sad but true.

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  3. Well said Sir, you hit the nail right on the head. Situation could have been very different had the Authorities taken proper cognizance and handled the situation well. Also whether the charge was given to the right hands is quiet questionable.
    I remember PM-Mr Modi’s first speech before the lockdown last year that if we don’t control the situation, India will go back by 20 years. And today I feel we have definitely gone back and it’s going to take a long time to overcome the damages. Humanity has gone for dogs..

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      1. Wonderful very nicely written the truth and the facts the most valluable care for the pandrmic epidemic and the fight u hv given for covid19
        Its Really Appreciatable.
        And thk u Sis.

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  4. Very well summarised.It is indeed an epidemic of lies ,deceipt and corruption.All this has thrived only because of the fear factor.Where the fear of death is there,most of us will sell our shirt to save our loved ones and full advantage of this fear factor was and is being taken by most of the people involved in the planning,handling and treatment of this menace called Covid -19.Extremely Sad and a worrying situation.

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  5. Mostly true, but it is also true at most times. We notice it more this time because experienced garnered slowly over decades were all upon us in last 12 months, all at once. The greed, corruption, immorality, political chicanery, and absence of humanism are endemic to the ‘civilization’ we have inherited/created. Our society trains doctors for them to make money, pure and simple. Our engineers prostitute their knowledge to facilitate third rate civil works our bureaucrats and politicians’ misuse privileges to garner power and illicit wealth. We are at the bottom of grade for a 3rd rate society, no matter how loftily we may think and talk of our glorious past.

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  6. Well worded article. All that can be and should be rectified ,summarized aptly. “Shatahsha Naman “to all those who put in their best efforts ,those who lost their lives. Hopefully third wave will not come, but if it does, administration is well prepared with the previous experience.

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  7. Awesome writing Aniletta completely agree with you . 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 .
    On lighter note took a Virus…the smallest living organisms to show the true Nature of the highly evolved Homosapiens …who in reality is the actual Virus for .planet earth eating it inside out .

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  8. Really a naked truth, but we can not do anything but just watch the trauma. Hope the system changes, we all should unitedly oppose such discrimination

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