An insight into life after death.

It was a cool October day, the sun was out but it’s rays didn’t hurt. It was a really pleasant day to travel. We were travelling towards McLeod ganj , Dharmashala from Pathankot. The bus was rickety, no luxuries, hard seats covered in cheap rexin covers. The windows rattled . As the experienced driver drove up and down the Ghats the breeze was lovely, the multitude of fragrances of the greenery, flowers and fruits filled my nostrils. The creator must be a engineer, scientist, botanist , environmentalist all rolled into one. Who else could have arranged in so much minute details, all the wonders of nature all along this route.

Even as the bus driver manoeuvred the curves of the narrow roads giving way to the traffic coming from the opposite direction I wondered how the driver could keep his cool. As I looked out of the window I felt dizzy, the valley was deep , the buses wheels were always almost at the edge of the road but it never veered out of it. My thoughts went back to the driver, how could he possibly not be tensed, may be years of experience, same roads , multiple trips had hardened his nerves. He kept his composure, he drove at a good speed with absolute confidence. The trees, shrubs, flowers whizzed past me, each time I looked out I wasn’t sure it was a safe journey. I admired the engineer and workmen who built these roads and Ghats, the creator who had put so much of varied flora and fauna along, those beautiful waterfalls along the route . Only I feared those deep valleys, the dangerous narrow curves. I pulled out my hip flask and took two gulps of whisky to soothe my nerves. I closed my eyes hoping we would reach our destination safe and soon.

The rickety bus journey

Then it happened . There were loud cries, people on the bus including my friends and my self were being thrown around, my worst fears had come true, the bus driver perhaps had misjudged a sharp turn and the bus was being plunged deep into the valley. …………. Period……….I am floating through air, my physical body seems to have left me, Am I a dead man????? Many co passengers and some of my friends to are by my side floating at ease. As I turn back to see what has happened I can see the bus has gone a few thousand feet into the valley. It is now all mangled steel. I can hear wails come from that location, may be it’s those unlucky few who survived .

The bus had hurtled down the valley.

As a human I had never been a religious person, I always believed I was partly an atheist. Partly because at times due to family and social pressure I did take part in many religious ceremonies. Today as I float with others leaving my body behind, I am not scared, there is an uneasy peace within me. I had always been taught about heaven and hell ever since childhood . Having been born into family that followed the Orthodox christian church in India, I too studied the Bible , the concept of god as in the Bible , that Christ was the only saviour. As I had grown up amongst Hindus, Parsis, Sikhs and Muslims I found it funny that there were so many gods. But I never questioned. As a child I said my prayers regularly, the Lord’s prayer,, Hail Mary and the Nicene creed. I also knew many of the hindu prayers. My favorite verse from any prayer had always been,” I belive in one true God the Father almighty, maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and invisible “. Yet the concept of heaven, hell never appealed to me. I always believed that if there was any God he could have never created hell .

The God I was brought up to believe in. The God I knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly loved .

As I along with others from the bus floated along , invisible to any one, I could look back and see all the human efforts to help the survivors. The bodies of us who were now no more dwelling in them were being stacked aside, numbered, tagged, photographed for insurance purposes, postmortem, press reports etc. A smile came upon me, how foolish are humans,everything is a number for them, name , age, sex , cause of death. Little did they know once life leaves the body it is ultimate bliss, that’s what I am encountering now. We all kept floating until we reached our destination. A cool well lit universe to itself, no doors, no windows , hundreds of thousands of humans who had give up their bodies long ago. Each one of us was welcomed in, there was space for a hundred times the world’s population here. Many who were known to me and had passed away during my lifetime were here. Each one seemed contented. Each one could see what their near ones and friends back on earth were doing. They could only watch, they couldn’t interfere, that were the rules of this universe of after death people.

There was no heaven, no hell, no paradise…..Only this unique universe that defied all human laws. Newton too was here, but his laws on gravitation didn’t apply here. Shakespeare was here, but nobody read books here. Edison was here but his bulbs were not needed. Grahan Bell too is here from a long time, his telephone redundant here. Mahatma Gandhi too was an inhabitant, the chakra wasn’t needed. Elvis Presley was here too, but didn’t play music or sing. The wizard Pasteur was here but his vaccines weren’t needed. Alexander the great was here, he didn’t need to conquer the world any more,he had conquered himself . Karl Marx and Lenin were happy to be here, their dreams of a classless society was what this post life universe was . Shahjahan didnt need to build a Tajmahal here. Every body you read about in history or science was here. There was no shape, no form , but you existed here in all glory. There was no day or night, no dates or calenders, no fixed routines . I happened to notice my parents too here , resting in real peace, which no amount of money would I have been able buy for them on earth. My mother acknowledged my presence, after all I was her favorite son. She was happy that I had attained freedom from life on earth. Many of my relatives and friends were a part of this God kindom. There were no enemies here, each one was now an enlightened one. It was a different world where you were now invincible , knowledgeable, where there was equality, no caste, creed , gender or religious divide.

No gravity, no physics in this universe.

There were no gods here. Each one here was an enigma who had left back his physical body on mother earth. No Christian gods, no Muslim gods, no Hindu or Sikh gods, no Zoroastrian , Jain or Buddhist gods.

Each one here was a god, which he failed to realise when living in his mortal body on earth. The sudden realisation that a life time had been spent in vain searching for God, was shocking. All along it was you who was God, and you kept looking for God in churches, temples, gurudwara’s and mosques, you simply failed to look within. Had you looked within and found the God exists in you , just imagine what life would have been like.

They welcomed us, inquired of our journey to the new universe. We looked around , we weren’t tired inspite of the long journey. Gravitation was absent, all I had to do was turn my self horizontally and lo!! I was resting. There was no sound , all of us communicated via mental telepathy. Hunger and thirst was not part of this universe hence search and preparation of food was not required. It was then that the darbar of the lives of those who have left their bodies was called . It is a regular meeting of all departed who are now in this new universe. All automatically congregated mentally into the darbar. There was no monarch here, no democratic elections. Each one placed his views which others tried to understand. There were no orders here, only talks of wisdom.

The truth was spoken. The oldest inhabitants of this universe explained to all new comers, You are now part of the universe , not as it’s slave but as the Gods. There are no gods except you. Gods , you have always been, also on earth, why you were taught to believe that other gods exist, and they created you is nothing but fictitious . God never made man. Man made Gods for his own selfish ends . Today you are all here in your own kingdom where you are a God to yourself and all . You cannot change the occurrences on earth, but your conviction that you have a power, as you are a God will help you to change minds of people on earth. In this manner you can help your near and dear ones. In case you fail you won’t be depressed, because Gods can never be depressed. You can keep an eye on evil on earth, you cant stop it, but you can usher in good thinking into evil minds. The real power invested in you is all of us are the Gods are guardian angels of the child. If any child suffers on earth you have the power to intervene and help save them because they, the children are our gift to humans. It becomes our responsibility . Every time we help save them from harm and pain, you the God will feel the pain, you will have to suffer for it so that Gods children never suffer . Apart from this you Gods are a privileged lot, you shall know no pain, no hunger, no thirst, you shall have no needs, people on earth will soon forget you, but you will get solace , as for a few years atleast they will burn a light or candle for you , little knowing that they have actually just lit a candle to God. Their own God, which they will fail to realise as long as they live .

Universe after death where each one us is GOD.

My journey from life on earth to this universe where I too am a God was wonderful. The realisation that I am God just as all of you are, has made me happy. The sad fact is that man still searches for imaginary God’s all over the universe. When will man look within to find the God in himself?? That day would be human kinds most beautiful day. Else each of us will have to wait for that day when leave our body to travel into the next universe.

Published by Dr. K Anil Roy

Medical doctor, partly atheist but believes there is a god, anti establishment, renegade, proud to be an Indian, an awakened one,!! Tolerant to criticism

24 thoughts on “An insight into life after death.

  1. Mckeodgunj in itself a heavenly place and the experience you had makes it more heavenly. Nice compilation of practical (true) spirituality against psuedo spirituality.

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  2. A masterpiece! Sir, you have succeeded in making one envision the true God!
    After all it is the Man who embodies God ! But the realisation only dawns after we leave our bodies!
    How lucidly you have expressed this powerful thought! I salute this God gift of yours !
    Can we gain this ‘Paradise lost ‘ for future generations before we leave ?
    Your insight has made one wish positively!!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Really out of the world!!
        Good choice of words, beautiful and responsible, in spite if being out of this world!! 🤣

        Liked by 3 people

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