World Heart Day. Is it needed……. counterview

Whether you are aware or not your heart still beats

Organized by the World Heart Federation, World Heart Day is a global campaign during which individuals, families, communities, around the world participate in activities to create and spread awareness about heart health .

Should we have such a day? is the moot question . Or is it another modus operandi of frightening the people all over the world to induce them to go in for a multitude of tests, investigations, meet doctors and spent their hard earned money. The people more interested in others hearts seems to be the medical brotherhood taking cover under the world heart federation. Creating awareness creates doubts in peoples minds, when doubts are created it creates fear, the fear of death, the gullible and scared will now visit their doctors . The physician is thrilled, one day of awareness and so many new suspect heart patients. Fear is the key. Instill fear in humans by creating more awareness , bring them to the doorstep of the doctor , leading to increase in buisness and revenue.

Anything that takes off , must land.

Man was born and must die. Just as a flight from New York to Mumbai takes off at NY but lands and ends in Mumbai, so is every human born destined to die. The heart starts beating the day you are born it has to stop beating some day. A heart is healthy and will keep beating, but it must land to stop one day. Death is inevitable, will creating awareness about death prevent it, never . The heart has to stop one day and it will. No amount of awareness can stop that.

Look who are the partners

One look at the above picture will give your better explanation of the truth as to why a world heart day is needed . Every major pharma company is a partner. Why? More awareness leads to more doubts amongst people leading to increase in visits to doctors and in turn more prescriptions , more sales of medicines , more money for the pharma industry. Who cares about others hearts , it’s all about money.. honey. The pharma companies will spent on the federation members expenses, their good, drinks, travel and hotels. They will decide what should be labelled as high blood pressure, they will decide how to put in fear in to human minds, how to create doubts in mans mind, they will plan the awareness so well that by the end of every years heart day campaigns the number of so labelled cardiac patients will increase manifold. All doctors organisation world over will be funded to celebrate this day in a grand manner , the doctors will conduct free health camps and diagnostic test to unearth s heart problems so far unknown to the patients. Press ,print and digital shall be roped in to get maximum coverage . At the end of the celebrations they will sit back in their luxurious offices and make calculations as to how many new doubting Thomases will be patients and which drug sales will increase, by how many times the awareness campaign , what will their bank balances be?. The doctors will be happy with the increased number of probable heart patients visiting them, the cardiologist will be coaxing someone to put in a stent, its money making time. Little do they know , stent or no stent life years or span don’t change. The stent companies are happy, now half the world’s population have a stent in them, the diagnostic firms are happy too, so many tests , their coffers are filling. It’s a happy time for all . Then again 29th September will come year after year with newer celebrations , more awareness , more cardiac cases and still more money.

To every individual his heart is as important as all his body parts. The fact that this magnificent machine keeps pumping and keeps one alive is not because someone makes it beat. It has its own power. It is bound to go through ups and downs, man the brilliant creature that he is has created a variety of medicines to encourage the heart to keep it’s rhythm, strength , to overcome any hurdles in its performance. So far so good. Then why the need to scare the global citizens with unwanted awareness. The world heart federation is of doctors , by the doctors , for the doctors , manipulated and funded by the pharma industry. An excellent example of circular economy.

Ignorance is bliss.

Ignorance is bliss. Atleast true in matters of heart. Any person unaware of his heart problem will probably live a normal happy life , getting to know of it will make life miserable for him. Doctor visits, medicines , money stress and what not. It doesn’t guarantee he will live any longer , but will make his life full of agony . On the other hand if he is unaware he will lead a happy contented life just as same . Die he must, heart one day must stop for sure, then isn’t it better to lead a quality life or is it quantity you are interested in?? To hell with awareness..Live life kingsize.

Published by Dr. K Anil Roy

Medical doctor, partly atheist but believes there is a god, anti establishment, renegade, proud to be an Indian, an awakened one,!! Tolerant to criticism

23 thoughts on “World Heart Day. Is it needed……. counterview

  1. Heart is the most important organ of our body. It keeps all organs alive. Hence to keep it pumping properly yearly if we remind ourself and take extra care for it far the better

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  2. Well said sir. Policy decisions are made by pharma companies for their benefit and executed through such events. Awareness is important but not at the cost of fear.

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  3. Without going into Nexus between Doctors & Pharma which is openly discussed, I am in agreement with your views. Doctors must bare in mind that even they are also not immortal & therefore doctors must explain / narrate their patients about the same. Like machine everyone must take care of their health & diet.

    One who aren’t immortal should bare in mind that they shouldn’t not create Fear Psychosis

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  4. Yes, such a day be observed to celebrate awareness about our very important organ sans which we would not exist. But not to spread fear psychosis! Conflict of intents and interests has lead to what we perceive in today’s world of marketing!
    Yes Sir , A man should live his life with a full heart and not a pampered heart !!

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