Ahmednagar hospital fire….doctors nurses suspended, terminated, arrested…….Why so?

The fire killed 11 patients

A fire broke out on 6.11.2021 at 11am on the ground floor of the Ahmednagar civil  hospital, where 17 patients were admitted, of which 15 were on either ventilator or oxygen support. 11 died. A medical officer and three staff nurses were arrested on charges of causing death by negligence and culpable homicide not amounting to  murder.

A short circuit is suspected to be the cause of the blaze according to the chief fire officer of the city. Reports say that the  district Collector stated that a fire audit had been carried out at the hospital. But according to the fire officer the work of installing necessary safety systems was incomplete due to “want of funds.

Medical fraternity, the scapegoats

It is a tragedy, who is to be blamed??? ………The doctors and nursing staff have been made scapegoats, suspended, terminated and arrested.  Why??. Did they cause the fire?..Whose job was it to ensure a fire never took place?? Are they being questioned?  What do you mean by “lack of funds”.. Were the doctors and nurses supposed to fund the work.

It was a covid ICU…These doctors and staff have been working day and night here to save patients lives ever sine the pandemic started, no rest, no sleep, no holidays…Only the risk of getting infected. Were the doctors and staff supposed to check the fire systems or install them, were they supposed to douse the fire. Was it not enough that they worked sincerely in the covid wards and ICU bravely , never complaining. Then why are they made the scapegoats. Who was supposed to ensure the fire alarms, sprinklers, smoke detectors  and extinguishers were in place, are they being questioned . Who was responsible for providing adequate funds in time, have they been questioned, NO……They are all scot free…….The medical fraternity is a group of timid humans….They only know to love and serve….And this is what they get…….. Disgusting.   No politician, social groups or so called human rights activists come forward to defend them, no bureaucrat defends them…..They all find pleasure in blaming them, punishing them.

Where is the justice ?? Why cant the judiciary see the truth before placing them into police custody. Why dont judges ask….Who built the ICU, who supplied the equipment, who was the electrial contractor….After all it was supposedly a short circuit that caused the fire.  Does the judiciary ask who was responsible for not providing the funds needed.  NO.   The easiest way out, arrest a few doctors a d nurses to show action has been taken, and save the  skins of the real culprits.

Is this justice

Another moot point…..Where is the unity amongst doctors and the para medical staff. Except for the local doctors and paramedics no one seems to utter a word of protest . The Indian Medical Association makes feeble noises, nothing concrete. This must change, it’s utter injustice towards the medical fraternity……….The real heroes of the Covid pandemic sentenced to grave injustice . My condolences to the families who lost their near and dear ones

May the dead rest in peace

Ahmednagar is in Maharashtra, India

Published by Dr. K Anil Roy

Medical doctor, partly atheist but believes there is a god, anti establishment, renegade, proud to be an Indian, an awakened one,!! Tolerant to criticism

53 thoughts on “Ahmednagar hospital fire….doctors nurses suspended, terminated, arrested…….Why so?

  1. It’s real shameful that no medicine professionals or paramedic organisation came forward in favour of doctors and nurses who were made scapegoats

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    1. Yeah the Administration is responsible n the doctors in authority equally , as they must be alert n get work done. But the poor staff, residential doctors and nurses are absolute scapegoats n should be released.

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  2. याला म्हणतात – चोर सोडून संन्याशाला फाशी ………
    प्रशासनाला सोडून,ऑन ड्युटी डॉ व नर्सेस याना अटक व गुन्हे दाखल .. हि बातमी वाचून धन्य झालो ..
    बा ____ अजब तुझे सरकार 🙏🙏

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  3. It’s really a shameful act to hold doctors and nursing staff responsible for the electrical and fire safety mismanagement.. they are made the scape goats for underfunding and irresponsible behaviour of higher authorities and technical teams.. we stand with the covid warriors sacrificing their family and life for better health of the people.

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  4. Dear Anil sir,

    If you ask my opinion doctor is not responsible for the event. It’s hospital management, fire audit manager, person who allotted NOC to operate and corporation person who allow running of the hospital. Even in PCMC situation is not good. I can show the hospital where there are no measures to combat such event.

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  5. Very right said Anil.
    Until and unless we acknowledge our short falls in health sector, will never b able to correct the deficiencies.
    We as indian citizens have to pursue it genuinely..
    Well done Anil. Bravo.

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  6. Very pathetic and illogical, shameful act by govt. चोर सोडून संन्याशाला सुळी.
    We are with the doctors..

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  7. This has become a routine thing just put an onus onto the doctors and staff who are the softest targets for the society in general lacking any sympathy from the higher authorities, politicians and bureaucrats, general public who are totally ignorant. The administration is left out of this chaos conveniently. This is going to continue in the future also because there is a total lack of unity amongst the doctors and nurses and everyone is trying to save his own skin. The doctors don’t earn black money to please the politicians and become an easy target in such situations. The real culprits are left free to commit another blunders playing with the lives of the general public. Sorry and pathetic state of this country. Heartfelt condolences to the deceased and their relatives.

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  8. This has happened a no of times. Is there any mechanism by which the IMA can file a petition in court showing who is actually culpable when fire breaks out or a patient goes missing. It is definitely not the doctors.

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  9. The Government and system both are mad. Unfortunately Doctors can’t or don’t dare to come to gether like state transport employees… They have better unity inspite of lesser
    earnings… Doctors must decide, now or never…

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  10. Well said Roy sir , Its really shameful for this country that doctors & paramedical staff who are treating the patients are always made scapegoats . This incidence shows apathy of government and our system towards medical fraternity. Arresting doctors & nursing staff in this incident is ridiculous . We should oppose it every level

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  11. Everybody knows,govt.,police and even general public ,that on duty Drs and staff are not responsible for the fire. But medical fraternity is soft target,unless somebody stands up for someone,victim cannot be defended. Injustice,though obvious will not be annihilated unless someone stands up for them.And nobody from non medical field will come forward Sir.

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  12. Heart felt condolences for deceased and their families of this unfortunate mishappening incidence.💐

    With due respect of seniors, i would like to share my thoughts, please excuse me if i am wrong.

    Ahmadnagar Civil hospital fire was a mishappened incidence. It was an accident and not a scam.
    So how one can held Civil surgeon/Doctor/staff nurse responsible for this.

    The Doctors and the staffs available there must have put their 100% efforts to save as many lives they can during this mishap..

    They already were working in Covid ICU which is stressful work….high work load, inadeqaute manpower, limited resources, political pressure and unreal expectations of the patient’s relatives.

    After this incidence, when they have been punished with these actions, they must have traffic of thoughts in mind…….about how they worked with dedication inspite of infection risk, how many critical patients life saved during this pandemic, work under tremendous stress and on top of that the life threatening efforts to save lives during this fire accident……..everything gone in vain..

    Doctors always have a good intention for  patient regarding treatment and outcome of the treatment. Surgeon uses knife for benefit of patient and not for murder of the patient.

    Accidents are called ‘Accident’ because they are not intentional and can happen inspite of taking utmost care..

    Every department which is related to  hospital services, infrastructure and building maintenance should work with cordination. This will help reduce the severity of such accidents.

    If this philosophy do not work, there is need of gathering healthcare workers to fight against those who are blaming and taking actions against us..

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  13. It’s really necessary that we protest against the action taken on the doctors and nurses. If we don’t show our support and unity today, henceforth, the real culprits will be free and the medical fraternity will be held responsible for any problem arising.

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  14. Its not a fair action to suspend Doctors and nurses. This negligent is by the authorities who is responsible for the timely audit and maintenance of the system. The authorities should revert the decision taken on Doctors and nurses.

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  15. Very well explained, I just dont understand one thing why are doctors nusrses held responsible for every little cause , this is pure injustice to them.The Governement is responsible,why did the fire audit didnt take place also why did the ICU didnt have evacuation area ,whenever it comes to District hospitals its always ignored

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  16. Fire audit of a hospital is a shared responsibility. Hospital administration has to implement it. Never ever should such tragedies occur. Making the scapegoats of the on duty doctors and staff has set the clock for the doomsday of the Health care system!

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  17. The action should be on in charge of hospital and also in charge sister.If the duty doctor did not helped the patients during an accident then she should be blamed but the charges should be different..If in charge doctor does not kept follow up of work regarding fire , electric he should be blamed.So everyone should keep a scan copy mail on follow up reminder basis along with hard copy then that mail copy will save that person.If the shortfalls can’t overcome then ask the permission to close the hospital to higher authorities by letter.

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