Oh! Wuhan virus.

Man-made or godsend
Oh! Wuhan virus.                                 Man-made not godsend.                               Scientists and politicians will have us believe otherwise.                                          We know within, you are man made, but speak out we will not.                                 We dare not,lest we offend our scientists and politicians.                                                    They made you strong, dangerous and virulent.                                              They leaked you out on  an unsuspecting world.                                   Yet we overcame your onslaught.                                                          The good doctors , paramedics and the god-fearing scientists helped us overcome.                                     Your perpetrators were wild, angry and unforgiving.                                           They changed your sequencing, they made you more dangerous.                   They called it mutations, they lied to the world.                        They called you delta.                                                   Oh! Wuhan virus.                                                 You struck again, with even more vengeance.                                                                You got more of us infected.                 You ensured many of us died.                                 You made us scramble for hospital beds.                                                          You made us wander for oxygen and ventilators.                                             The doctors and paramedics served us well, they fought you with all their might they saved us.                                                                                Your perpetrators called you delta, but we know you are the same Wuhan virus.                                        They now presented to us the vaccines.                                                                       They had it ready and sanctioned for use in too short a time.                                                                Yes they had made it even as they were making you.                                Now the world was at their mercy, it was their vaccines that could save us from you.                              It sold like hot cakes, we had no choice but to take.                                You made them rich on the fear you instilled into  us.                                                                Oh! Wuhan virus.                                                Your perpetrators had failed to wipe the human race out.                    Yes,they could not.      The goodness of God had prevailed.                                             They had to compromise, they realised that the good scientists, doctors and paramedics wouldn't let you survive.                                                                 So they again changed your sequence.                                                                              They made you a rapid spreading milder virus.                                          They couldn't  let you die, they now called their new mutation, Omicron.                                                                They now convince us the vaccines have helped avoid serious illness and deaths.            We know though, that's untrue.                    They had to let you survive so they made you mild to adapt to our retaliation.                                      The vaccines will now keep selling, booster after booster, precaution after precaution doses.                                                       Oh! Wuhan Virus.                                     You have brought misery upon mankind.                                                  You have taken many of our dear ones away.                                            That day is not far when we shall have our say.                                   Your perpetrators, your masters will have to pay .                                                             Oh! Wuhan virus.  


Published by Dr. K Anil Roy

Medical doctor, partly atheist but believes there is a god, anti establishment, renegade, proud to be an Indian, an awakened one,!! Tolerant to criticism

12 thoughts on “Oh! Wuhan virus.

  1. Very Good article Sir .Nice and Lucid.I thoroughly enjoyed reading.some point
    By Economical angle it made 12 CR + people unemployed.job losed,I am one of them.poor %5.5. To 13 % doubled.
    In Education , dropout ratio increased.Child marriage 9 th ,10 th students increases.
    Women domestic atrocities increases by this time.
    Positive impact on environment.As industry pollution reduced.
    Very Nice article Sir.tc.

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  2. Very well written Sir in a poetic way. You have managed to summarise two years of pain, misery ,hard work by health professionals and exploitation by the powerful in few words.👍👍 Wa

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  3. A probably realistic beautiful eye opener poem. Beleive it or not. But surely makekes you think. Well said Dr Roy. A Fact or Tact.?Point to 🤔

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