Who runs the Ukraine war…..The pen is mightier than the sword

Ultimately looks like the saying is true.

We are into the first week of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Putin is unremorseful, NATO is not upright on their support, all arms manufacturers are working overtime to sell their ammo to Ukraine, such chances do not come daily. Hundreds of thousands are walking into neighbouring countries who have been kind to accept them and take care of them. Another group of students are stranded in their university campuses waiting to go back to their homes in their own countries . Air space not available, they are traveling by road and foot to neighbouring countries from where they seek to get support to fly back to their homes.The unlucky ones who have been maimed or killed for no fault of theirs are being pitied by world organizations and fearful nations. Will Putin really win, some want him to,others don’t. The odds are unpredictable so the betting faculty is working overtime.

Putin , a former intelligence officer, well trained, leading Russia for over two decades, vast experience of the results of invasions and wars, author of various books, especially the book …The world order..New rules or a game without rules. He has probably envisaged the possible outcomes, possible reaction by other countries before finally taking the call . Militarily he has given his armed forces ample time to study the intricacies of an invasion and military might of Ukraine, he has planned every move from arms supplies to loss of lives , to possible sanctions by the world and it’s effects on the Russian economy. He is appearing for his exams with total preparedness.

Will his sword overcome

On the other hand  Volodymyr Zelensky President of Ukraine is a new entrant into politics . A former comedian who played in Ukrainian television series, also played the role of Ukrainian President, had defeated the then incumbent president Petro Poroshenko in a landslide win four years ago . He is Russian speaking and a Jew. Surely he has to be smart and clever to even be elected , that too with nearly 74 percent if the vote.

The Jew is a smart & brave guy

NATO was inching closer to Zelensky , they need Ukraine more than Ukraine ever needed them, of course they let them down like a hot potato once Putin rushed his troops into Ukraine . The war is on, nations, many of them on Ukraine’s side , few stand by the Russians. Then who will win. Who or what will decide victory. Will it be the military might, arms and weapons, the strategy of each of the nation’s of attack and defence. On paper the Russians are mighty, the Ukrainians cannot match them in terms of ground or air power , Putin’s experience will over power that of Zelenysky , yet will Ukraine push the Russians back, will they be able to defend them selves , who will help them?

It’s a war

The pen is mightier than the sword…. Heard it since child hood…Have written essays on it in school days….Never actually came across mass instances of its applicability, yes there have been instances where I have seen the might of the pen, but on too less occasions. Today will this saying become a reality. Will the pen of today’s world break the sword of Putin?? That looks to be really mighty.

It now looks true unless Putin thinks otherwise

Today’s pen is the social media. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, google, whatsapp, you tube and many more. The pen of today is really strong and mighty tool. The messages today all over these social media is heavily in favour of Ukraine . A lot of true information and misinformation is being fed to the world population. They make it look like Russian troops are losing men and planes by the score every hour. They are trying to convince the world that Putin is a madman, a dictator and NATO is the god send saviour. They have been able to push world opinion in favour of Ukraine and NATO.

The pen seems to have the upper edge at present

You tube has banned Russian state channels , twitter has blocked many Russian accounts, google has banned accounts of Russian press and stopped their advertisement accounts. Face book has done the same, ban Russian accounts, press notes, videos etc. The whats app factory is busy preparing dictionary stories if rhe war accounts , it’s a terrible campaign of deliberate misinformation. The swords from NATO have not reached Ukraine , the mighty pen has. They are in full control of the situation. The truth shall be hidden, facts will be suppressed , world opinion will be built against Russia . Well perhaps Putin didn’t anticipate this, or did he, does he have any back plan to break out of this ,only god knows. For the moment my school day saying…. the pen is mightier than the sword seems to be true and dominating the war and perhaps the end results.

Published by Dr. K Anil Roy

Medical doctor, partly atheist but believes there is a god, anti establishment, renegade, proud to be an Indian, an awakened one,!! Tolerant to criticism

9 thoughts on “Who runs the Ukraine war…..The pen is mightier than the sword

  1. How in present Russia can they find their own Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jnr., Mahatma Gandhi or Desmond TuTu to galvanise the population to bring about the complete change of their society and remove the obvious current impediment? Even their highest ranking military generals looked extremely concerned at the dictators latest orders to stand up their nuclear team & arsenal

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