What if India invades Pakistan….Do we face same fate and world opinion as Russia has.

How long will India keep mum

EU  and NATO supported Ukraine…Right or wrong is for time to tell…..Russia examined all the possibilities of a danger to their country….They invaded Ukraine…..The world today admonishes Russia. That would exactly be the the situation if India invades Pakistan. The social media , the whites, the EU, the USA and their powerful run social media for sure will screw our happiness. The truth that Pakistan has been causing fatalities on Indians through state supported and sponsored terrorism in India will never be talked about , that we shall be taking a thoughtful decision to keep our country safe will never be understood deliberately. The FB , the twitter handles, telegram, Instagram, youtube and every social media controlled and propelled by the west will be out for our blood, they will spell disinformation, call us devil’s and side with Pakistan.  We then would be in the same position as Russia is in today Inspite of us being right. Hence take the love for Ukraine in the social media with a pinch if salt.

For decades Pakistan has been conducting covert attacks on India, they have send their terrorist teams multiple times into Indian soil causing untold misery to India, civilians and military personnel have been maimed and killed, for no fault of ours. Yet we maintained a decent gentleman approach, we have not yet attacked them militarily, which in fact we should have done long ago.

At war

Ukraine has a Russian speaking Jew , leading them. A former mass appeal comedian, good gab of the tongue, guts impersonified, love for his country, support from all anti Russian countries. He has made the blunder of trusting NATO and double crossing the Russians . The present situation was inevitable, if not Putin any other Russian leader would have taken a similar stand. Today as his country faces the consequences of his actions, the world is out in Zelenskys support. Countries world over are with him, of course that they will do nothing sincerely is another matter . The social  media is full of support for Zelensky and Ukraine . They are painting Putin as a madman, a despot, another Hitler. They will never tell the truth , they will get the world opinion against Russia , they are controlled by a few despot businessmen who are mostly Americans. That’s why India will face the same wrath of world opinion if we were to invade Pakistan, which in fact is highly overdue .

Pakistan has a charismatic cricket player and captain, sportsman as it’s prime minister. Imran khan is an iconic figure , former cricket captain, winner of a world cup, fast bowler par excellence. Married to a British white and I hear later divorced. What moral values??     He hasn’t been kind to India either, daily skirmishes on our borders , they train terrorist on their soil to cause mayhem in India.               They have given a safe haven to Dawood the main accused on the Mumbai terrorist attacks , they prop up terrorist attacks daily in Kashmir . They terrorise  minority hindus in Pakistan. Yet all along India has been silent. How long.

Except for the Bangladesh war when the iron lady of India, Indira Gandhi got them to their knees , we have not attacked them again. We have always only defended our territory . That time too in1971 when we liberated east Pakistan or Bangladesh, the same countries who support Ukraine today were against us. Right from the USA to Britain, covertly and openly sided with Pakistan  except Russia, no one even tried to help India. Yet we won, hands down. Nearly a lakh Pakistani troops surrendered. We had the large heart to let them go Scot free. The world against us , they never expected a lady , Indira Gandhi to be as stubborn and strong. Today Putin is in a similar situation. He needs to safeguard his countries security.

Iron lady..Indira Gandhi

That’s the moot question, one day or the other there will be a war, we can’t take this lying down forever. Pakistan needs to be taught a lesson , we can’t afford to let’s our civilian population to die in their sponsored terrorist attacks, neither ca we let are armed forces personnel die in their covert attacks. The west, NTO ans EU need Pakistan, to install their positions to have an upper hand and control over India. They will side with Pakistan and offer them warships, planes and tanks as freebies . Why should India permit this   one day or the other Indian government will have to take the decision of attacking and invading Pakistan to keep our soveirgnity safe.

Indira once showed the world….What India is….The world against us except USSR…YET WE WON

They will disseminate misinformation against us, they will garner world opinion against us, we will despised , accused of manslaughter, they will impose similar sanctions on us, they will will look out for an opportunity to dismember India . All for military supremacy and financial gains . Pakistan will be projected as an innocent underdog and scape goat. We will be the Russia of today

Social media..Today’s mighty pen

So my dear countrymen , before commenting on the present war or taking sides, posting your unwanted posts on social media, please have a rethink. We know about our regions and present condition with Pakistan. The government of today might be forced to declare war on them .    Do not oppose it, the government needs your support . Russia will fight it’s war, Ukraine will defend itself. You or I, or our posts will not decide the outcome . But if we go to war with Pakistan, screw the world, we shall only support our government.

Put ourselves in the place of the Russians , we shall bein for similar criticism and no world support. Let’s not try to play god in this wars. Let the war take it’s own course. Of course if Ukraine is devasted by war lend them a helping  hand, financially, medical help and help them rebuilt their nation, let us use our good offices to defuse the situation not inflame it.

Published by Dr. K Anil Roy

Medical doctor, partly atheist but believes there is a god, anti establishment, renegade, proud to be an Indian, an awakened one,!! Tolerant to criticism

13 thoughts on “What if India invades Pakistan….Do we face same fate and world opinion as Russia has.

    1. Two sides to a coin, who is Putin who is Roy? Perspective of each person is different, each one’s views will have likes and dislikes. Sharing one’s views is important 😃😃

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  1. Right now whole world is at the edge of war.. waiting to find a reason to invade each other and it is hard to take a side.
    But having healthy opinion or per say perception can definitely help to know what people are thinking…!
    Thank you for sharing Sir…!

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  2. India needs to gain over POK in the first place and then think of invading Pakistan. When India under P.M Modi is clearing the Indian Kashmir from the Pak sponsored terrorism there is already a hue and cry from the the so called humanitarian organizations. Imagine what would happen if we try to invade Pakistan who has a firm backing of China?

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  3. Their terrorism is an open truth yet they deny it. If we invade them, they will surely try to seek sympathy from the whole world saying that it’s India who is on the violent side.

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  4. I strongly support your views and definitely we will stand by our government, rather I also think this is the right time to strike, first liberate POK and then teach Pakistan its lesson

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  5. Mr. Roy, I do get why India stay neutral and also why we shouldn’t care about world in case we invade Pakistan, but your below statements don’t make sense at all-
    ‘They are painting Putin as a madman, a despot, another Hitler. They will never tell the truth”
    What is the truth here? You didn’t mention that. He is a madman and clearly a dictator, since beginning he wants to acquire old Soviet Union territories, he annexed Crimea in 2014, invaded Georgia, why you think he is an Angel?

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    1. No politician is an angel, but the fact remains if we have to invade Pakistan for their foolish acts and terror activities against us, the world would again call us the invaders and be on their side, and that will surely hurt


  6. विनय न मानत जलधि जड़, गए तीनि दिन बीति।
    बोले राम सकोप तब, भय बिनु होइ न प्रीति । If Pakistan doesn’t change its policy of incursion and extremism, India has the power to repeat the historic 1965 victorious war of Lahore. World has always remained a spectator and critic in our wars.
    Only table diplomacy seems hard to work with a hostile nation.

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