Spreading happiness amongst the underprivileged

Tungarli dam

The underprivileged are not necessarily extremely poor, they are definitely not rich. They yearn for many things in life, but sadly never get it. It’s the reason why sharing what the privileged have with them will help spread joy and happiness amongst them. It’s not your money they need, it’s your sharing of small things that will make them happy. Keep sharing.

Ashish is a motor freak, his love for vehicles especially off roaders lead him to buy the THAR. A unique and fantastic vehicle from the Mahindra stable. Purely Indian, but of world standards. He joined  a THAR group which would go around villages and mountainous roads on weekends. All of them THAR crazy people and adventurous. They would traverse into remote areas and villages. Enjoy the drive and the enjoy the glory of god’s wonderful creation , the earth, the world.

It was routine that some vehicle would get stuck in the muck and the others would try to get them out. In these remote villages, the simple citizens would always come forward to help in these situations. Normally the good Samaritans in their vehicles would hand over some cash to these villagers in exchange for the help rendered . Of course this was a means to augment their meagre earnings and all felt that they had been kind to them. Little did any of them realise that the simple folk expected something more.


It was on in of these trips that on a Sunday they were driving through a small hamlet in Tungarli . Tungarli Dam, one of the oldest dam in India, was built during the British rule back in 1930-1935 and is located in village Tungarli near Lonavala. There were hardly 12 to 14 houses here . The menfolk worked as tourist guides at Lonavala which is a tourist destination in Pune, Maharashtra. The children went to school 4 km away. Their earnings were sufficient to live with two square meals and basic amenities. They led simple lives with small farm holdings. Vehicle failures and help of villagers in solving them was common. That day a villager approached Ashish with a strange request. He said you guys pay us handsomely for any help we render you, but we would be very happy if you concede to one of our demands. Ashish asked him as what his demand or request was. He was not forthcoming, he said if you deny , it could hurt them. Ashish said go ahead, he would comply with their request if it was feasible, not having any idea of what it could be.

The man said that the children in the village were enthralled with the THARS going through their village, but they always wished they could have a drive in them. They could not afford to buy such vehicles, but they wished their children could get a ride in one. None would ask for it as they weren’t sure the visitors would agree. The children and parents perhaps would be happier if some one could take the children in their THAR for a ride. The money given to them for help would never replace the happiness that they would get from being in the vehicles. They never had the opportunity to be in one.

Happy kids on the THAR

Ashish was happy, he had always been taught that sharing was important, his grandmother and his parents too had always impressed upon him the necessity to share, especially with the underprivileged. He blurted out, why not, ask all the kids to get into my Thar. The kids didnt need a second call, the kids jumped into the THAR. The smiles on their faces was wide. They giggled ,screamed with joy as Ashish got the vehicle going. The ride was the happiest one that Ashish had in his last so many weeks . The THAR kept going over the land, no roads only fields and barren land, they drove around the village , along the dam, until dusk came upon them. Then as they drove back to the village and stopped, each one getting off the THAR, it was a wonderful happy group of contented children. Ashish took them for a photosession , promising them that any time he came back to the village, he would take them all in a drive .

Kids in a remote village

Money is not everything . Small acts of care and love spread much ore happiness. The underprivileged need to get a share of things that they normally do not have. A drive in a vehicle is much more than a few rupees you may give them for help rendered. Any thing that can be shared, your toys, sports equipment, cycles should be shared with those who are not able to have them. It brings joy to them and much more joy to the one who shares it too. The joy of sharing and giving is the stepping stone to the art of living . So let’s start and keep sharing.

Next ride soon

Note… Ashish is my elder son. For all his shortcomings and negative points the one good thing that counters all of that is his willingness to share and give. May this be a permanent nature and bring happiness to many.

Published by Dr. K Anil Roy

Medical doctor, partly atheist but believes there is a god, anti establishment, renegade, proud to be an Indian, an awakened one,!! Tolerant to criticism

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