Putin v/s Zelensky. NATO..EU…USA

This is perhaps how a simple minded common Asian citizen sees the war. Stop it must, for war is no means a solution  The war I do not support.

Two men at war

Putin…First prime minister, now President of Russia. Former intelligence officer, black belt in martial arts, total fitness.  Experience of over two decades in governance. Leads one of today’s most powerful nations. Post dissolution of the USSR has been wary of the design of NATO & EU along with the other superpower USA. His hawk eyed view has led him to believe and perhaps rightly so that Ukraine and other East European countries are being prodded and used as a base for developing  a position to strike Russia. Has been closely monitoring the development of biological warfare in Ukraine that would ultimately pose a threat to Russian population. The threat of missiles covering the whole of Russia too from Ukraine was under the scanner. Still believes that Ukraine historically is part of Russia. Any threat to Russia needs to be nipped in the bud, is not his wishful, but rightful thinking. He has a responsibility towards his country, to keep it safe from any threat of attack. He believed that attack was the best defence, if he did not act now, it could be never. In his thoughts he perhaps wasn’t or isn’t wrong. His act of invasion is open to debate. Before condemning his act of invasion of Ukraine the reasons as he believes to be true has to be understood and analysed

Zelensky….a famous comedian, Russian speaking and a Jew. Popularity of his shows gained him wide acceptance and was elected as President of Ukraine in a landslide victory. Though there have been many scandals linked to him, he still was popular. His vision was simple , he was not happy with the deals cut out when Ukraine got its independence under Gorbachev. His yearning for past glory and his idea of being as strong if not stronger than Russia got him to get nearer to NATO,EU & USA. He was willing to be a part of it , wanted to let them have it’s missile bases in Ukraine, that would increase his bargaining power with Russia. It is said that  Ukraine has developed centres of manufacturing biological warfare. He was under the impression that no one was watching. His actions and intentions were what he felt would of benefit to Ukraine. As the President his actions perhaps cannot be faulted. Every leader of a country would certainly aspire to be strong militarily. Where he perhaps went wrong or miscalculated was that the USA, NATO or EU would jump to Ukrainian defense , they were not really trustworthy. He always believed that if the time came all these nations would come to his rescue and fight it out against the Russians . He perhaps also didn’t forsee or miscalculated the Russian response.

USA, NATO, EU … Their understanding was simple, they needed to contain Russia. Ukraine territory was needed. They kept the carrot of NATO, EU membership dangling to Ukraine. They knew Zelensky was not an experienced politician. The comedian was straightforward, his love was for his country. They were cocksure he wouldn’t see through their nefarious intentions. All the while they were sure Putin would see through, they knew Russia would at some point walk into Ukraine to stop their proposed dream. If and when it happened, the war would be a win win situation for them. The causalities would be Ukrainian, the world sympathy would go to the underdog Ukraine. Their arms could be sold, they controlled the world media, print, digital and social. The world would be hearing and seeing only what they willed the world could see. No human losses for them, no destruction of their property or installations. The biological warfare installations in Ukraine too needed to be removed, Russia would do that. They could levy sanctions against Russia, supply a few outdated expiry date arms to Ukraine , pass resolutions in world forums against Russia and get the sympathy of other world leaders and the Ukrainian masses. The sanctions against Russia would cripple their economy, the war itself would prove to be a costly affair for Russia, they are trying to get the Russian population to go against Putin. Once Russia is weakened they would now be the sole super powers. Salute to their crooked minds.

Threesome v/s Russia

The invasion and Putin….. He invaded Ukraine, his army has been targetting all army installations, biological warfare factories across Ukraine . There has been heavy collateral civilian causalities. The Russians too has suffered major causalities, the sanctions against Russia has crippled them economically. There has been a mass exodus of Ukrainian citizens to neighbouring countries. The civilian population is the main sufferer. Zelensky is not giving up, the novice politician that he is, fails to understand the damage being done to his country. He somehow is immune to the suffering of his countrymen, so many lives lost, so much of infrastructure destruction, the saga continues. A smart leader would have called for a truce, he would not let his country men suffer, Zelensky is blind to it, his only aim is to win the war, which is perhaps a remote possibility. High time common sense prevails upon the comedian President, this is not a television show, it’s the real world there are no happy endings. Putin too needs to finish this immediately, take out your targets , stop the war, too much of collateral civilian damage has already been done. Putin has to accept responsibility too, agreed you started this for the defence of your country, perhaps we can’t grudge you that, but now it has to stop. Have a big heart, stop the war before the war devours both of your countries.

Now…stop this war

NATO..USA..EU….. You have had your fun, now step in and stop this war, do not remain immune to human sufferings, your target is Russia, fight them directly, do not use other nations as pawns .


Published by Dr. K Anil Roy

Medical doctor, partly atheist but believes there is a god, anti establishment, renegade, proud to be an Indian, an awakened one,!! Tolerant to criticism

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