A patients death…A doctor’s suicide

No more…Rest in peace

Archana Sharma, doctor, gynaecologist, gold medallist, supreme giver of new lives , forced into committing suicide. What can be sadder than this. In today’s India, so called progressive , latest world power, education hub and supplier of doctors world wide. Yet this sad state of affairs .

The incident……… A lady Asha devi, aged 22 years is wheeled in for a delivery at night. As is the norm all care us taken. She delivers at 9 am in the morning but lands in PPH. The doctors did their best what medical science expects , but couldn’t save her. She loses her life. The husband , relatives and villagers gather around, they put pressure on the hospital staff, block roads, blame the doctors negligence for the death. The police come in to take stock of the situation .

Why are the doctors always the target

The police slap section 302 on the doctor, a gold medallist Archana Sharma. Why? What was the rationale . To satisfy the crowds?? The body of the deceased is sent for post mortem. A doctor is sentenced to guilt, for no reason. Imagine her condition. After years of study and hard work she has been slapped with IPC 302 for no fault of hers.

Haven’t the police heard of this

Any person who commits murder shall be punished with death or imprisonment for life and shall also be liable to fine as per section 302 of the Indian Penal Code. Offence of murder is a Non-Bailable and Non Compoundable Offence (where a compromise cannot be done). Now this is the section saphed on a doctor performing her duty with all sincerity . How shameful . This yu the section slapped on Dr Archana……. Are the police in their right minds. Do they know the difference between a medical negligence and medical complications.

The police…Wrong decision

It’s demeaning to her skills and profession , she has been made a scape goat to satisfy the ego of fools who don’t understand what PPH is. Postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) is defined as a blood loss of 500 ml or more within 24 hours after birth. PPH is the leading cause of maternal mortality in low-income countries, and the primary cause of nearly one quarter of all maternal deaths globally.

  • Causes of PPH
  • Tone: uterine atony,
  • Trauma: lacerations of the uterus, cervix or vagina.
  • Tissue: retained placenta or clots.
  • Thrombin: pre-existing or acquired coagulopathy.

Have the husband and relatives or the crowd ever read or understood these reasons. Do they know how difficult it is to manage these cases. Why would a doctor ever let her patient die. The doctor always does what is best, but may not always be successful in preventing the ultimate result. Does the police understand the intricacies of PPH. If not then on what grounds was section 302 used, just to satisfy the crowd. Horrible , the doctor is always a sift target. The death was in probability unavoidable. Then why potray a doctor in such a manner at all .

Archana could not bear the embarrassment, the torture,the fact she wasn’t at fault and that section 302 slapped on her……..She committed suicide. How sad, a good professional , a gold medallist doctor just committed suicide . what a loss for the family, her patients , the doctor fraternity and India. In her suicide note she says she loves het husband and children, she prays that they should not be harrased. She says she was not at fault, she says her death is to state that she is innocent, not guilty . She request all not to harras innocent doctors. She prays that her children never feel the loss of a mother.

Will there ever be justice

How heart wrenching a story. A pregnant lady lose her life to a medical known complication. A lady doctor unable to bear the situation ends her life. Is this the modern india. Is this our culture. Is this why children study hard to become doctors, give up routine luxuries and work hard to serve people who still seem to be unkind. No, this should never have happened . It’s a blot on our society .

The suicide note

Where are the other doctors , the so called Indian Medical Association, the government, the local doctors association. A few posts on Twitter, FB, and their work is over . Forget empathise , hardly anyone even sympathises. No one cares. Each is interested in his or her own career. All are busy , no time to stop and think what can be done . Doctors are doomed in India for sure . Their selfish nature, unwillingness to stand up for their own. The day is not far when more and more of them will face the same fate. God save the doctors .

Majority of the political class owned press is shamefully silent. Rotten state of affairs.

Published by Dr. K Anil Roy

Medical doctor, partly atheist but believes there is a god, anti establishment, renegade, proud to be an Indian, an awakened one,!! Tolerant to criticism

5 thoughts on “A patients death…A doctor’s suicide

  1. Sadly this is the sorry and pitiable state of doctors in India. This should awaken the aspirant students wishing to join the medical profession and deeply introspect if it is worth to join this profession. Abroad this nonsense is not tolerated at all where at such instances the public and the police would have been booked for such obnoxious behavior. We have also been through such phases in our service but not to this extent. Doctors are the softest targets a fact which is time and again proved as there is no security for them and no strong unions of the doctors. One can easily imagine the plight of the poor doctor when the ignorant masses put on this ugly show venting out their frustrations in this manner. These neurotic psychopaths are the same who abuse their daughter in laws at home. To work in the govt hospitals is indeed a crime and its really a big question mark if any doctors would henceforth dare to work there ?.After a few days of showie protests of the weakest so called associations everything will be silent for a few days again to be followed by another murder of the doctor. No hope as for now for the talented yet gullible doctors.

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