AAP…..Will the Aam Admi Party be the next decades ruling party in India

The Indian National Congress has lost steam, is wavering, does not know how to rebuild confidence in the citizens it once enjoyed. The leadership is lost, has lost its goals. Looks like there might be no early comeback to its golden era. Priyanka Gandhi could make a difference, but looks like she is hesitant to lead. The INC is lost for the present. Gone are their great statesmen….no more Gandhi,Nehru, Shastri, Patel or Indira.

Regional parties and coalitions have their say in some states , the Trinamool in Bengal, JD and RJD in Bihar, TRS in Telangana etc….the Shivsena break away group in Maharashtra, Sharad Pawars Rashtravadi congress. The communists still have their sway in Kerala….none of these parties have the capability or charisma to win seats beyond their States. Many of their leaders are not even known to the Indian citizens. All are small fish in localized water collections, forget the sea , they do not even command power over rivers.

The present ruling party BJP is still riding on the Modi factor and glamor. True, some of their decisions have been welcome and good. Yet the rising inflation, sale of public companies, blatant privatization’s, anti minority decisions , unwillingness of the Prime minister to face the press and anti incumbency will catch up with them some day. Their use or misuse of the CBI, IT, ED etc to suppress their opponent’s, political parties and criticizers are surely not helping their cause. Today they have a brute majority at the center, most of the major states are now ruled by them. Their urge to be in power in all states has led them to poach opponent legislators, break parties, bringing about fall of elected governments. Money is being used blatantly , so are pressure tactics…all is fair in love war and politics.

There seems to be no single party today in India that can stand upto them, except the AAP. The rest of the parties to not any chance. The AAP came into limelight when it repeatedly won the state of Delhi. They didn’t just win swept the polls. It wasn’t lady luck, their excellent governance derided by many , out of jealousy was too good to be ignored. They swept the polls again. Slowly but surely Arvind Kejriwal grew in stature , he had become a force to reckon with. Every party including the BJP are after his blood, criticizing him, lambasting him for no reason, trolling him, spreading false news, trying to buy out his legislators , but of no avail. The truth cannot be hidden for long.

AAP forayed into other states with limited success, yes they did win seats, they have made inroads. Their candidates were new, common men, poor and rich , highly educated and the not so educated, they had found the right mixture of candidates, they didn’t play the religious or caste cards…they played the common man card, your next door neighbour could be a legislator now or may be yourself too.

Recently the swept the Punjab state polls. Doctors , engineers, mobile repair technicians were put up as candidates and won. The national parties bit dust, so the the regional Ajali Dal…..the Indian voter had matured….the results proved it.

Soon a few more states go to polls in the coming months. Gujarat , it seems looks like a win gir the AAP. You never know until the results are out. Their show in Goa was not good but they did manage to get seats, that’s not bad. Himachal too ,they might open their score, can’t predict how many. Why is this so….the normal Indian perhaps sees a ray of hope in this party….their success stories in Delhi especially where their administration has been good, their medical facilities.. The mohalla clinics….their education thrust has been liked by all. Well the IT cells of all parties have run them down, trolled them, but the truth is they have been a runaway success, you just can’t deny it….corruption at its least….no wonder all parties hate them. As for Arvind Kejriwal , he and his team have slogged a lot……success can’t elude them.

My views perhaps might not be agreeable to all, but its my view, I might be wrong but surely not way of target…..the future is AAP.


Published by Dr. K Anil Roy

Medical doctor, partly atheist but believes there is a god, anti establishment, renegade, proud to be an Indian, an awakened one,!! Tolerant to criticism

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