The Kerala Story……stoking communal passions….

Do not judge a book by its cover , similarly never believe the name of a film as the truth of its contents. For me who is born Keralite the name of this film The Kerala story hurts. That’s because it’s not a Kerala story, it’s the story of ISIS, it’s a story perhaps common to many parts of India and the world. Well , they give it this name for two reasons , to malign the state Kerala & next to get political gains and backing. These two reasons make it an excellent promotion tactic to ensure the movie runs to full houses and the film makers can reap in profits.

Did the producers ever delve into the real story of Kerala, have they ever traveled the length and breadth of Kerala to study its people, culture, food, education facilties, religious harmony , no…never. Do they know the real Kerala , the state with the highest literacy rate, do they know Kerala is way ahead of other states and India itself in medical statistics… The least infant mortality rate, the least maternal mortality rate. Do they know Kerala having less than 3 percent of the Indian population accounts for more than 30 percent of foreign remittances running into crores of rupees. Do they know that Kerala per capita income is way ahead of the national average by over 60 percent. Excellent health care facilities, best education system, a state where there is religious harmony. They never tried to understand the real Kerala story, idiotic producers know nothing……. NO…they know nothing. Yet they have the audacity to call a few random occurrences as the Kerala story , all for making some money. They have deliberately made a false and distorted projection of reality.

Gods own country

Whatever happened perhaps to those three, four or more girls is true and documented. Well they did convert to islam, they did join the ISIS, true, but why. Was it outright conviction that they wanted to fight for the Syrian and Iraqi islamic state, were they coerced to do so, were the love marriages only for conversion and signing up for ISIS? Or were they just plain mercenaries doing it for money. The term love jihaad cannot be universally applied to every Muslim boy marrying a non Muslim girl. Perhaps some of these men or boys who tried and got married to Hindu or Christian girls could have been recruiters. These questions need to be studied, asked and answered, doing a film on these situations is but natural, no one denies that. That ISIS is universal terror too cannot be denied but it is fighting Muslims itself in Syria and Iraq. For sure girls from other states and countries too have been recruited , then why not call it the Indian story or by any other name………well this means there was an ulterior motive, surely politically motivated with a well crafted plan to defame the state, stoke communal passions, stir discontent among the religious groups in Kerala, Islamophobia unleashed on an unsuspecting majority. The elections to Karnataka and the upcoming 2024 elections too were an important aspect in the ruling powers backing the movie unabashedly, free screening of the movie, free tickets issued by ruling party politicians have been adding fuel to the fire. These nincompoop politicians do not even know the full form of ISIS, they have no idea about the role of Syrian and Iraqi Islamic militants in it, they are under the impression it is a pan Islamic militant army only for conversion of Indian Hindu girls.

Large Muslim population

The teaser of the movie claimed its the story of 32000 Kerala girls who were converted through love jihaad ….a sick term…and joined the ISIS. Well The CBI, RAW, NIA…State police none of them know of this . The producers and stars in the movie talk to the media so convincingly as if they know this figure which is nothing but a figment their devils mind imagination. Were the central and state government oblivious about these figures and the producer is an undercover secret agent 007 Bond James who found this out??….Its the sick and rotten mentality of the producers , the only aim is of stirring religious disharmony for making money at the box office by playing one religion against the other .


Movies need not be banned, this movie too should be seen, no bans please, but the producers should have the guts to say that their teaser was wrong, showing figures as 32000 girls grom kerala joining ISIS was a deliberate attempt to hype the movie for their selfish ends….. Just to make money. The name of the movie has to be changed, 3 or few more girls being recruited into ISIS cannot make it a Kerala story, neither can it be an India story, it can only be THE ISIS STORY. . Yes it wouldn’t sell at the box office, the political gains for the rightist parties too wouldn’t be visible, communal passions need to be stoked and hence the name.

Is this a move to help the national ruling party break ice at the coming loksabha general elections…. Keralites irrespective of religion have been drubbing them, to date they haven’t been able to win a single seat. Unleashing a distorted narrative, inciting communal passions, religious backing through this movie they call the Kerala story is nothing but a hidden and foolish attempt to win a few seats in Kerala. Whether they themselves believe that it can be done is doubtful, the smart educated malayalee will not fall prey to such a cheap strategy, , they still believe and practice communal and religious as ever before.

So dear rotten producers do not try to malign Kerala, it is gods own country, it is Lord Vishnu’s abode, it is the kingdom Lord parshuram created with his blood stained Axe, it is the land of the most lovable demon king Mahabali a devotee of lord Visnu and grandson of Pralhad, it is the land of Lord Ayyappa, it is the land where the apostle of Jesus Christ , St Thomas came and preached Christianity, it is the land where a king, Cherman Perumal embraced Islam. Cherman Perumal, it is said, travelled to Madina to meet the Prophet and embraced Islam. But he died on his way back and is now buried in Salalah, Oman. Before dying, he instructed his travel companions, led by a companion of the Prophet to embrace islam, it is truly a land of religious harmony…… the true Kerala story.

Rename your movie….keep India and Kerala out of it….name it as….The ISIS story.



Published by Dr. K Anil Roy

Medical doctor, partly atheist but believes there is a god, anti establishment, renegade, proud to be an Indian, an awakened one,!! Tolerant to criticism

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