The power of prayer …….. Unbelievable………….The Lord’s prayer & Mahamrityunjay mantra……Power unleashed.

Prayer is an invocation to a person or an object of worship. Prayer seeks to establish a communication, rapport, relationship with that person or object of worship. It is a act of pleading for help, gain or just Thanksgiving. Whether a person is religious or not, whichever religion he follows or even an atheist willContinue reading “The power of prayer …….. Unbelievable………….The Lord’s prayer & Mahamrityunjay mantra……Power unleashed.”

World Heart Day. Is it needed……. counterview

Organized by the World Heart Federation, World Heart Day is a global campaign during which individuals, families, communities, around the world participate in activities to create and spread awareness about heart health . Should we have such a day? is the moot question . Or is it another modus operandi of frightening the people allContinue reading “World Heart Day. Is it needed……. counterview”

Acts of kindness

Kindness as described in the dictionary is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. To perform such an act of generosity, help, or share with someone if you know they need it may be defined as an act of kindness. Every act of kindness has been proven to increase ones happiness and reduce stress.Continue reading “Acts of kindness”

An insight into life after death.

It was a cool October day, the sun was out but it’s rays didn’t hurt. It was a really pleasant day to travel. We were travelling towards McLeod ganj , Dharmashala from Pathankot. The bus was rickety, no luxuries, hard seats covered in cheap rexin covers. The windows rattled . As the experienced driver droveContinue reading “An insight into life after death.”

Cut practise ( referal charges ) in medical practise.

My next blog will be on the cut practise system amongst the medical professionals in India. Inviting all of you to share your experiences regarding this. Need all of your inputs. Please state whether you approve of this practise or not. Your views are important and shall be incorporated in the blog. So put upContinue reading “Cut practise ( referal charges ) in medical practise.”

Increasing violence against doctors in India …. a frightening phenomenon.

One the most common news in Indian the print or digital media today is about violence against doctors and of hospitals being vandalized. A doctor beaten up, a hospital ransacked, another doctor shot at and yet another lynched by the mob, for reasons best known to the assailants. This is now a common phenomenon acrossContinue reading “Increasing violence against doctors in India …. a frightening phenomenon.”

The Indian family doctor………. an institution on the brink of extinction

The family doctor is synonymous with primary health as well as comprehensive health care in India. Scattered all across India, be it towns, villages and even cities, they were always the first line of contact of a patient with the health system. Highly respected, revered, and loved. They came from different faculties of the medicalContinue reading “The Indian family doctor………. an institution on the brink of extinction”

Another virus…. ZIKA…another attack, this is not from any laboratory

As we are slowly coming to terms with the after math of the covid pandemic, a new virus poses a threat to us. Zika. Covid 19 many say was man-made by the researchers and scientists at Wuhan and deliberately let upon us, was hence difficult to tackle. Many of course do not agree with thatContinue reading “Another virus…. ZIKA…another attack, this is not from any laboratory”

The next covid wave………myth or reality. Will it spell disaster

The world witnessed the back-to-back waves of covid 19, bringing with it devastation of human lives and sufferings unimaginable. As we await a next possible wave to swoop down upon us each one is keeping their fingers crossed, will it come or will it not?? No one is sure, but what if it does, areContinue reading “The next covid wave………myth or reality. Will it spell disaster”