Spreading happiness amongst the underprivileged

The underprivileged are not necessarily extremely poor, they are definitely not rich. They yearn for many things in life, but sadly never get it. It’s the reason why sharing what the privileged have with them will help spread joy and happiness amongst them. It’s not your money they need, it’s your sharing of small thingsContinue reading “Spreading happiness amongst the underprivileged”


The good lord made you to be a comedian You were good at it You revelled in your art You made millions laugh You made them forget sorrow At least for a few fleeting moments You did vulgar acts to make them laugh The good lord forgave you this misdemeanor You used your popularity wellContinue reading “ZELENSKY … LISTEN TO THE GOOD LORD”

What if India invades Pakistan….Do we face same fate and world opinion as Russia has.

EU  and NATO supported Ukraine…Right or wrong is for time to tell…..Russia examined all the possibilities of a danger to their country….They invaded Ukraine…..The world today admonishes Russia. That would exactly be the the situation if India invades Pakistan. The social media , the whites, the EU, the USA and their powerful run social mediaContinue reading “What if India invades Pakistan….Do we face same fate and world opinion as Russia has.”

Who runs the Ukraine war…..The pen is mightier than the sword

We are into the first week of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Putin is unremorseful, NATO is not upright on their support, all arms manufacturers are working overtime to sell their ammo to Ukraine, such chances do not come daily. Hundreds of thousands are walking into neighbouring countries who have been kind to accept themContinue reading “Who runs the Ukraine war…..The pen is mightier than the sword”

Ukraine……Crisis or Invasion.

When the Soviet Union disintegrated, thanks to Mikhail Gorbachev, I was saddened. I had always been an admirer of the Soviet Union and the communists. They were the only nation that could stand up against the Americans. The inevitable had happened, the Soviet union disintegrated, Russia saw reforms, the communists were now a hated lot,Continue reading “Ukraine……Crisis or Invasion.”

हे वुहान च्या विषाणू…… Translated into Marathi by Dr Hemant Chikalikar

My special thanks to Dr Hemant Chikalikar for translating my poem ‘Oh! Wuhan virus’ into Marathi हे वुहान च्या विषाणूईश्वर निर्मित नव्हे,मानवाची देणगी आहेस तूराजकारणी आणि शास्त्रज्ञ काहीही म्हणोत,आमचा अंतरात्मा सांगतो,तू मानवाच्या पापाचं फळ आहेस.उघडपणे बोलण्याची आमची हिंमत नाही.राजकारण्यांच्या आणि शास्त्रज्ञांच्या विरोधात तर नाहीच नाहीत्यांनीच तर तुला आजचं अक्राळविक्राळ दिलं रूपबेसावध जगावरचा तुझा हल्ला त्यांनीचContinue reading “हे वुहान च्या विषाणू…… Translated into Marathi by Dr Hemant Chikalikar”

Sandeep my friend just passed away…RIP

This blog is in memory of my dearest friend, Sandeep Singal who passed away a day ago, may his soul rest in eternal peace. It was the year of 1974. I was promoted to class 6 at school . It reopened on a rainy day in June. First day at school was always busy andContinue reading “Sandeep my friend just passed away…RIP”

To Mask OR To Umask

Primitive man wore no clothes, but as man progressed he felt the need to cover himself , to keep him safe from the scourge of variant weathers. He further progressed to footwear, headgears etc. Then came designer wear to look smart and beautiful. The latest addition to clothing since the wake of the covid pandemicContinue reading “To Mask OR To Umask”

Barking dogs seldom bite…..The omicron wave.

Ever since omicron came to dominate the covid scenario there have been discussions ,heated debates and arguments amongst the medical, scientific, bureaucratic and political community as to how it should be handled, whether it will cause increase in hospitalisation and deaths, will it spread rapidly. Views have been varied, each section claiming that they areContinue reading “Barking dogs seldom bite…..The omicron wave.”

Fighting the plastic menace

Plastic, once upon a time boon to mankind has come haunt us today and might spell doom of the environment for future generations. A look at garbage depots or even garbage strewn along streets or water bodies including oceans will give us an insight as to the enormity of the plastic menace. Everywhere it’s plastic.Continue reading “Fighting the plastic menace”

The unwanted girl child….Nakoshi (नकोशी)

I was working as a medical officer at a remote village, Pasali in taluka Velhe, at a primary health centre in the late eighties or from 1987 to be precise. It was a remote village in Pune district, Maharashtra, India, nestled at the back of the famous Torna fort. We lacked in staff, hence manyContinue reading “The unwanted girl child….Nakoshi (नकोशी)”