B.1.1.529…Omicron…..नवीनतम धोका

Dr. Anil Roy, PCMC speaks(Translation by Hanumant Landge) B.1.1.529…Omicron…..नवीनतम धोका कोविड व्हायरस खरोखर कधीच गेला नाही. ते क्षीण झाले आणि क्षीण झाले, उत्परिवर्तित झाले, जगाच्या लोकसंख्येला नकळत घेऊन गेले, लाखो लोकांना मृत्यूचे दरवाजे दाखवले, मुले अनाथ, महिला विधवा, कुटुंबातील कमावत्या सदस्यांना घेऊन गेले. याने श्रीमंत किंवा गरीब दोघांनाही वाचवले नाही….तो एक महान तुल्यबळ होता ज्यानेContinue reading “B.1.1.529…Omicron…..नवीनतम धोका”

B.1.1.529…Omicron…..Latest threat

The covid virus never really went away. It waxed and waned, mutated, took the world population unawares, showed the doors of death to hundreds of thousands, left children orphans, women widows, took away earning members of families. It spared neither rich nor poor….It was a great equaliser which brought misery unparalleled. People lost jobs, businessesContinue reading “B.1.1.529…Omicron…..Latest threat”

Ahmednagar hospital fire….doctors nurses suspended, terminated, arrested…….Why so?

A fire broke out on 6.11.2021 at 11am on the ground floor of the Ahmednagar civil  hospital, where 17 patients were admitted, of which 15 were on either ventilator or oxygen support. 11 died. A medical officer and three staff nurses were arrested on charges of causing death by negligence and culpable homicide not amountingContinue reading “Ahmednagar hospital fire….doctors nurses suspended, terminated, arrested…….Why so?”

Sympathy and Empathy

Two siblings of human nature, both beautiful, one more than the other……..The ability to understand and share the feelings of another, is how the dictionary defines empathy. It simply means awareness and understanding of the feelings and emotions of other people. It is how we as individuals understand what others are experiencing as if weContinue reading “Sympathy and Empathy”

Newton’s laws of motion……….. Extrapolating it to human actions.

Newtons first law of motion or the law of inertia states that a body at rest persists in its state of rest, and a body in motion remains in constant motion along a straight line unless acted upon by an external force. A tired child in deep slumber with sweet dreams will continue to sleepContinue reading “Newton’s laws of motion……….. Extrapolating it to human actions.”

Air hostess…..The multitasker

Have you ever thought of these different personalities, how their job status differs yet their work profiles are nearly the same. Not many have perhaps tried to study in depth the realities of these different professions , one highly appreciated and loved , the others looked down upon. The air hostess is a glamorous proffesion,Continue reading “Air hostess…..The multitasker”

The power of prayer …….. Unbelievable………….The Lord’s prayer & Mahamrityunjay mantra……Power unleashed.

Prayer is an invocation to a person or an object of worship. Prayer seeks to establish a communication, rapport, relationship with that person or object of worship. It is a act of pleading for help, gain or just Thanksgiving. Whether a person is religious or not, whichever religion he follows or even an atheist willContinue reading “The power of prayer …….. Unbelievable………….The Lord’s prayer & Mahamrityunjay mantra……Power unleashed.”

World Heart Day. Is it needed……. counterview

Organized by the World Heart Federation, World Heart Day is a global campaign during which individuals, families, communities, around the world participate in activities to create and spread awareness about heart health . Should we have such a day? is the moot question . Or is it another modus operandi of frightening the people allContinue reading “World Heart Day. Is it needed……. counterview”

Acts of kindness

Kindness as described in the dictionary is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. To perform such an act of generosity, help, or share with someone if you know they need it may be defined as an act of kindness. Every act of kindness has been proven to increase ones happiness and reduce stress.Continue reading “Acts of kindness”

An insight into life after death.

It was a cool October day, the sun was out but it’s rays didn’t hurt. It was a really pleasant day to travel. We were travelling towards McLeod ganj , Dharmashala from Pathankot. The bus was rickety, no luxuries, hard seats covered in cheap rexin covers. The windows rattled . As the experienced driver droveContinue reading “An insight into life after death.”