The next covid wave………myth or reality. Will it spell disaster.

The world witnessed the back-to-back waves of covid 19, bringing with it devastation of human lives and sufferings unimaginable. As we await a next possible wave to swoop down upon us each one is keeping their fingers crossed, will it come or will it not? No one is sure, but what if it does, areContinue reading “The next covid wave………myth or reality. Will it spell disaster.”

Welcome all to K Anil Roy speaks.

Starting today, my blogs. Will be covering a vast number of topics ranging from health, medicine, environment, finance, social, industry, politics and many more. My feelings, understanding of the issues will be my own perspective of looking at it and I intend to get all of you engrossed into it. My views will be rebelliousContinue reading “Welcome all to K Anil Roy speaks.”