मित्र नावाचा नातलग…ना जवळचा ना लांबचा…पण हाकेच्या अंतरावरचा…… (लेखन…डॉ.महेंद्र वंटे…)

१९६५ चा जून महिना …चार साडेचार वर्षांची बालकं .. धाकदपटशा करून बालवाडी नामक एका कौलारू खोलीत पालकांनी ढकललेल्या रडारडीच्या गलक्यात मी पण ढकलला गेलो…. कुणी हमसून हमसून तर कुणी भोकाड पसरून..पण सगळेच रडके.. …या समूह रुदनाकडे मख्ख पणे पाहणाऱ्या जोशी बाई.. प्रत्येकाच्या डोळ्यात ‌एकमेकाविषयी सहानुभूती ..एक दोन दिवस रडण्यात गेले… मग चेहऱ्यावर निर्विकार भाव..मग हासरीContinue reading “मित्र नावाचा नातलग…ना जवळचा ना लांबचा…पण हाकेच्या अंतरावरचा…… (लेखन…डॉ.महेंद्र वंटे…)”

The conglomeration of all souls.

Yogi stared into his telescope , the Celestron Astro master was a gift from his father on his eleventh birthday. Now a year later he was a master gazer. Today, again he saw it , a tiny object of bright light amongst the stars and planets . Amoeba shaped and bulging at all its protrusions.HeContinue reading “The conglomeration of all souls.”

डॉ हेमंत चिक्लिकर यांचे हृदय स्पर्श करणारे पोस्ट

सालाबाद प्रमाणे या वर्षी रॉय कडे ख्रिसमस पार्टी नाही हा फार मोठा सांस्कृतिक धक्का आहे . वर्षानुवर्षे पंढरीच्या वारीला जाणाऱ्यांना अचानक वारी कॅन्सल झाल्यावर जसं वाटेल तसच काहीसं.रॉय हा माणूस नावाप्रमाणेच रॉयल .नावापुरताच ख्रिश्चन.एरवी पुरता गाववाला . ज्या सहजतेने चर्च ला जाईल,त्याच सहज पणें देव दर्शन ही घेईल .त्याच सहजपणाने दसऱ्याला जिजामाता रुग्णालयात वॉर्ड बॉयContinue reading “डॉ हेमंत चिक्लिकर यांचे हृदय स्पर्श करणारे पोस्ट”

Doctor I was, Doctor I am. Doctor I shall always be.

Doctor I was. Doctor I am. I heard their complaints ,. I understood their pain,. In my brain , I deduced their illness. I treated them right, I got them well. They were happy and so was I . Contended was I . Doctor I was. Doctor I am. The ques at my OPD roomContinue reading “Doctor I was, Doctor I am. Doctor I shall always be.”

Good Friday

Good Friday . .the day Christians commemorate Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. A day of grief, penance and fasting. The day is also known as Black Friday. Good Friday marks the end of Lent which is a 40-day fasting period for Christians. The day Jesus laid down his life for the sins of mankind, the day theContinue reading “Good Friday”

A patients death…A doctor’s suicide

Archana Sharma, doctor, gynaecologist, gold medallist, supreme giver of new lives , forced into committing suicide. What can be sadder than this. In today’s India, so called progressive , latest world power, education hub and supplier of doctors world wide. Yet this sad state of affairs . The incident……… A lady Asha devi, aged 22Continue reading “A patients death…A doctor’s suicide”

Interview with Amitav Banerjee

Re blogged with permission from Dr Amitav Banerjee. Book: Covid-19 Pandemic: A Third Eye About the Book: “Dr. Amitav Banerjee has a knack of conveying seemingly complex public health messages in a lucid manner, understandable and appealing to experts as well as to the layperson. His writings are gripping, like a story, while at the sameContinue reading “Interview with Amitav Banerjee”

The Kashmir files…..a much needed awakening.

It took 32 years and a movie to awaken a nation of 130 crores from a long deep slumber, that there had been a genocide, an exodus and displacement of huge number of families and untold misery of the Kashmiri Pandits, a sect of Kashmiri Bramhins Why it happened, in whose regime it happened orContinue reading “The Kashmir files…..a much needed awakening.”

Putin v/s Zelensky. NATO..EU…USA

This is perhaps how a simple minded common Asian citizen sees the war. Stop it must, for war is no means a solution  The war I do not support. Putin…First prime minister, now President of Russia. Former intelligence officer, black belt in martial arts, total fitness.  Experience of over two decades in governance. Leads oneContinue reading “Putin v/s Zelensky. NATO..EU…USA”

Spreading happiness amongst the underprivileged

The underprivileged are not necessarily extremely poor, they are definitely not rich. They yearn for many things in life, but sadly never get it. It’s the reason why sharing what the privileged have with them will help spread joy and happiness amongst them. It’s not your money they need, it’s your sharing of small thingsContinue reading “Spreading happiness amongst the underprivileged”


The good lord made you to be a comedian You were good at it You revelled in your art You made millions laugh You made them forget sorrow At least for a few fleeting moments You did vulgar acts to make them laugh The good lord forgave you this misdemeanor You used your popularity wellContinue reading “ZELENSKY … LISTEN TO THE GOOD LORD”