Doctor I was, Doctor I am. Doctor I shall always be.

Doctor I was. Doctor I am. I heard their complaints ,. I understood their pain,. In my brain , I deduced their illness. I treated them right, I got them well. They were happy and so was I . Contended was I . Doctor I was. Doctor I am. The ques at my OPD roomContinue reading “Doctor I was, Doctor I am. Doctor I shall always be.”

A patients death…A doctor’s suicide

Archana Sharma, doctor, gynaecologist, gold medallist, supreme giver of new lives , forced into committing suicide. What can be sadder than this. In today’s India, so called progressive , latest world power, education hub and supplier of doctors world wide. Yet this sad state of affairs . The incident……… A lady Asha devi, aged 22Continue reading “A patients death…A doctor’s suicide”

Where did I go wrong ?

Where did I go wrong ?I studied relentlessly to become a doctor,where did I go wrong? I took up a job, that too a government job.Is this where I went wrong?I worked sincerely, ….then……where did I go wrong?I refused to pay bribes when I got promoted.Where did I go wrong?I worked my heart out, efficientlyContinue reading “Where did I go wrong ?”