Woman’s Day #EmbraceEquity

Daughter, sister, wife, mother, sister in law, daughter in law, aunt,mother in law, grandmother,great grandmother…in whatever stage of life they are….they are, have been and always will be venerated world over. Be it Mata Durga or Mother Mary, women have always been venerated,respected and worshipped. Introduced by the German lady Clara Zetkin in 1910 ,Continue reading “Woman’s Day #EmbraceEquity”


Floods, Earthquakes, Fires, Famines,Mudslides, Landslides, Cyclones, Tsunamis, Hurricanes are all an expression of God’s anger on the human race for their deceitful nature and wilful devastations of environment which God had gifted to them. Of recent man has forged ahead with test tube babies, artificial intelligence and robots, man is slowly iching towards even makingContinue reading “TURK QUAKE….THE GODS ARE ANGRY”

The conglomeration of all souls.

Yogi stared into his telescope , the Celestron Astro master was a gift from his father on his eleventh birthday. Now a year later he was a master gazer. Today, again he saw it , a tiny object of bright light amongst the stars and planets . Amoeba shaped and bulging at all its protrusions.HeContinue reading “The conglomeration of all souls.”

An insight into life after death.

It was a cool October day, the sun was out but it’s rays didn’t hurt. It was a really pleasant day to travel. We were travelling towards McLeod ganj , Dharmashala from Pathankot. The bus was rickety, no luxuries, hard seats covered in cheap rexin covers. The windows rattled . As the experienced driver droveContinue reading “An insight into life after death.”