Newton’s laws of motion……….. Extrapolating it to human actions.

Newtons first law of motion or the law of inertia states that a body at rest persists in its state of rest, and a body in motion remains in constant motion along a straight line unless acted upon by an external force. A tired child in deep slumber with sweet dreams will continue to sleepContinue reading “Newton’s laws of motion……….. Extrapolating it to human actions.”

An insight into life after death.

It was a cool October day, the sun was out but it’s rays didn’t hurt. It was a really pleasant day to travel. We were travelling towards McLeod ganj , Dharmashala from Pathankot. The bus was rickety, no luxuries, hard seats covered in cheap rexin covers. The windows rattled . As the experienced driver droveContinue reading “An insight into life after death.”