Oh! Wuhan virus.

man-made or god send.

Barking dogs seldom bite…..The omicron wave.

Ever since omicron came to dominate the covid scenario there have been discussions ,heated debates and arguments amongst the medical, scientific, bureaucratic and political community as to how it should be handled, whether it will cause increase in hospitalisation and deaths, will it spread rapidly. Views have been varied, each section claiming that they areContinue reading “Barking dogs seldom bite…..The omicron wave.”

B.1.1.529…Omicron…..नवीनतम धोका

Dr. Anil Roy, PCMC speaks(Translation by Hanumant Landge) B.1.1.529…Omicron…..नवीनतम धोका कोविड व्हायरस खरोखर कधीच गेला नाही. ते क्षीण झाले आणि क्षीण झाले, उत्परिवर्तित झाले, जगाच्या लोकसंख्येला नकळत घेऊन गेले, लाखो लोकांना मृत्यूचे दरवाजे दाखवले, मुले अनाथ, महिला विधवा, कुटुंबातील कमावत्या सदस्यांना घेऊन गेले. याने श्रीमंत किंवा गरीब दोघांनाही वाचवले नाही….तो एक महान तुल्यबळ होता ज्यानेContinue reading “B.1.1.529…Omicron…..नवीनतम धोका”

B.1.1.529…Omicron…..Latest threat

The covid virus never really went away. It waxed and waned, mutated, took the world population unawares, showed the doors of death to hundreds of thousands, left children orphans, women widows, took away earning members of families. It spared neither rich nor poor….It was a great equaliser which brought misery unparalleled. People lost jobs, businessesContinue reading “B.1.1.529…Omicron…..Latest threat”