The Kerala Story……stoking communal passions….

Do not judge a book by its cover , similarly never believe the name of a film as the truth of its contents. For me who is born Keralite the name of this film The Kerala story hurts. That’s because it’s not a Kerala story, it’s the story of ISIS, it’s a story perhaps common to many parts of India and the world. Well , they give it this name for two reasons , to malign the state Kerala & next to get political gains and backing. These two reasons make it an excellent promotion tactic to ensure the movie runs to full houses and the film makers can reap in profits.

Did the producers ever delve into the real story of Kerala, have they ever traveled the length and breadth of Kerala to study its people, culture, food, education facilties, religious harmony , no…never. Do they know the real Kerala , the state with the highest literacy rate, do they know Kerala is way ahead of other states and India itself in medical statistics… The least infant mortality rate, the least maternal mortality rate. Do they know Kerala having less than 3 percent of the Indian population accounts for more than 30 percent of foreign remittances running into crores of rupees. Do they know that Kerala per capita income is way ahead of the national average by over 60 percent. Excellent health care facilities, best education system, a state where there is religious harmony. They never tried to understand the real Kerala story, idiotic producers know nothing……. NO…they know nothing. Yet they have the audacity to call a few random occurrences as the Kerala story , all for making some money. They have deliberately made a false and distorted projection of reality.

Gods own country

Whatever happened perhaps to those three, four or more girls is true and documented. Well they did convert to islam, they did join the ISIS, true, but why. Was it outright conviction that they wanted to fight for the Syrian and Iraqi islamic state, were they coerced to do so, were the love marriages only for conversion and signing up for ISIS? Or were they just plain mercenaries doing it for money. The term love jihaad cannot be universally applied to every Muslim boy marrying a non Muslim girl. Perhaps some of these men or boys who tried and got married to Hindu or Christian girls could have been recruiters. These questions need to be studied, asked and answered, doing a film on these situations is but natural, no one denies that. That ISIS is universal terror too cannot be denied but it is fighting Muslims itself in Syria and Iraq. For sure girls from other states and countries too have been recruited , then why not call it the Indian story or by any other name………well this means there was an ulterior motive, surely politically motivated with a well crafted plan to defame the state, stoke communal passions, stir discontent among the religious groups in Kerala, Islamophobia unleashed on an unsuspecting majority. The elections to Karnataka and the upcoming 2024 elections too were an important aspect in the ruling powers backing the movie unabashedly, free screening of the movie, free tickets issued by ruling party politicians have been adding fuel to the fire. These nincompoop politicians do not even know the full form of ISIS, they have no idea about the role of Syrian and Iraqi Islamic militants in it, they are under the impression it is a pan Islamic militant army only for conversion of Indian Hindu girls.

Large Muslim population

The teaser of the movie claimed its the story of 32000 Kerala girls who were converted through love jihaad ….a sick term…and joined the ISIS. Well The CBI, RAW, NIA…State police none of them know of this . The producers and stars in the movie talk to the media so convincingly as if they know this figure which is nothing but a figment their devils mind imagination. Were the central and state government oblivious about these figures and the producer is an undercover secret agent 007 Bond James who found this out??….Its the sick and rotten mentality of the producers , the only aim is of stirring religious disharmony for making money at the box office by playing one religion against the other .


Movies need not be banned, this movie too should be seen, no bans please, but the producers should have the guts to say that their teaser was wrong, showing figures as 32000 girls grom kerala joining ISIS was a deliberate attempt to hype the movie for their selfish ends….. Just to make money. The name of the movie has to be changed, 3 or few more girls being recruited into ISIS cannot make it a Kerala story, neither can it be an India story, it can only be THE ISIS STORY. . Yes it wouldn’t sell at the box office, the political gains for the rightist parties too wouldn’t be visible, communal passions need to be stoked and hence the name.

Is this a move to help the national ruling party break ice at the coming loksabha general elections…. Keralites irrespective of religion have been drubbing them, to date they haven’t been able to win a single seat. Unleashing a distorted narrative, inciting communal passions, religious backing through this movie they call the Kerala story is nothing but a hidden and foolish attempt to win a few seats in Kerala. Whether they themselves believe that it can be done is doubtful, the smart educated malayalee will not fall prey to such a cheap strategy, , they still believe and practice communal and religious as ever before.

So dear rotten producers do not try to malign Kerala, it is gods own country, it is Lord Vishnu’s abode, it is the kingdom Lord parshuram created with his blood stained Axe, it is the land of the most lovable demon king Mahabali a devotee of lord Visnu and grandson of Pralhad, it is the land of Lord Ayyappa, it is the land where the apostle of Jesus Christ , St Thomas came and preached Christianity, it is the land where a king, Cherman Perumal embraced Islam. Cherman Perumal, it is said, travelled to Madina to meet the Prophet and embraced Islam. But he died on his way back and is now buried in Salalah, Oman. Before dying, he instructed his travel companions, led by a companion of the Prophet to embrace islam, it is truly a land of religious harmony…… the true Kerala story.

Rename your movie….keep India and Kerala out of it….name it as….The ISIS story.


Happy Easter to all my brethren …

Old Testament Resurrection Prophecies
“Your dead shall live; their bodies shall rise. You who dwell in the dust, awake and sing for joy! For your dew is a dew of light, and the earth will give birth to the dead.” (Isaiah 26:19)

“And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.” (Daniel 12:2)

“Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth: my flesh also shall rest in hope. For thou wilt not leave my soul in hell; neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption. Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.” (Psalm 16:9-11)

The prophecies turned out to be true, the son of god, Jesus carried the cross on which he was later crucified. The cross was not heavy, though the sins of mankind that he carried to his crucifixion were heavy. He died so that we may live, he suffered the pain so the mankind wouldn’t, he rose on the third day and established the fact that he was the son of god, he appeared to his disciples and walked along them giving his teachings before he ascended into heaven on the fortieth day. He gave hope and succor to mankind. May his sacrifice always be respected. Happy Easter to all of my brethren.

Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die.” (John 11:25-26)

World health day. 7th April 2023 …1979 theme repeated.

In 1948, the WHO held the First World Health Assembly. The Assembly decided to celebrate 7 April of each year, with effect from 1950, as the World Health Day. Ever since every year this day is celebrated as world health day.

WHO has introduced newer strategies each year to help improve mankind’s health and demolish his suffering. Time, money, energy have been jelled well to achieve the goals, yet we are still far from it.

In 1977 the 30th World Health Assembly resolved that the main social target should be ‘the attainment by all citizens of the world by the year 2000 A.D. of a level of health that will permit them to lead a socially and economically productive life’ (WHO, 1979). The slogan was Health for All by the Year 2000 A.D. Health for all meant that every individual should have access to Primary Health Care , in 1978, the famous Alma Ata World Conference identified Primary Health Care as the key to the achievement of Health for all by 2000 A.D. In May 1979, the World Health Assembly endorsed the Declaration of Alma Ata and invited Member States to formulate their own national health policies.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity. This was how health was now defined.

All countries worked hard to improve the health of their citizens. National health policies were defined by nations. Primary health services were made accessible and affordable. Potable water supply was improved. Proper planned vaccination sessions helped a lot. School health program helped in identifying illnesses early in children. Antenatal clinics ensured better maternal and child health. Attempts were made to end tuberculosis. Malarial and dengue deaths came down. Longevity of life improved. IMR,MMR,CMR,NMR all came down , indicating the success of the WHO thrust to achieve health for all by 2000. But did the WHO succeed. No, it did only partly, that was because the policies, implementation and cooperation needed was flawed.

Two decades after having missed the target now again the theme for World health day- 2023 is “Health for all”. Did we fail, why? . Answers are needed so that we do not falter again.

So 23 years after we missed the target , the sad realization of failure is upon us. What was the reason that the declaration of Alma Mata of 1979 failed. Some say it was because the western nations didn’t do much, but why???. Reasons put forward are being a Russian initiative, it was termed communist and hence the non communist western world never tried hard enough to achieve the goals. The poorer nations never got the adequate technical support that was promised and should have been provided. Also financial support was absolutely insufficient. So here we are 44 years after 1979 with the same idea, theme and promise….Health for all.

Consumption of medicines is not health

What lesson should developing, underdeveloped or newly emerging developed nations like us , India learn from this. We should take the theme “health for all” seriously but create our own path of implementation. WHO should not be dictating to us. We should fine tune our national health policy as we feel it is right, not as what the west feels is right. The recent handling of the covid pandemic has proved beyond doubt our capabilities. Increase in the health budgets, better equipped government hospitals, no violence against the medical fraternity, handsome remuneration for doctors, tax incentives for the medical and health sector, no political meddling in medical affairs , accepting and learning from past mistakes, put the brakes on NCDs , stop aping and following the west , will definitely help us achieve this goal. We , India should be leading the world today in every aspect of public health if the WHO does not want to repeat the same theme 44 years later.

Yes, India today has the world’s highest and youngest population with excellent brains, the willingness to innovate , the system to disseminate knowledge and implement the best health policies, India can lead the way to Health for all…..India should lead the way


The Sunday before Easter. The start of the holy week. The day Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey. The day of triumph when Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem by people who placed their cloaks on his path, an affirmation of their submission and acceptance of Jesus, they also placed palm branches ( symbol of triumph) on his path as they welcomed him with cries of Hosanna….meaning, pray, save us. Jesus entering the city on a donkey …..symbolizes arrival in peace and humbleness.

John 12:13. “They took branches of palm trees and went forth to meet him, and cried, Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”

Today thousands of years later, we still follow the holy week starting with Palm Sunday , leading to Good Friday…the crucifixion of Christ and culminating in Easter…. The resurrection. The sacrifice of Christ for mankind is the ultimate sacrifice…he died so that we may live….the son of God died as he was crucified on the cross for our sins, only for us.

Today we are never humble in victory, today we publicize and advertise our victories, we get the crowds to celebrate our victories through event management companies. There are no true crowds at all, our victories are no where near to Christ’s , nowhere are the cries of Hosana to be heard. That’s because our victories are hollow, superficial and inconsequential.

Let’s introspect into our deeds of the last one year as we welcome the palm Sunday of 2023, let’s welcome the start of the holy week with the cries of Hosanna and Hallelujahs.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.John 3.16

बूड : उपेक्षेचा तळ……डॉक्टर करंबेळकर राजेंद्र

बूड : उपेक्षेचा तळ
(वाचन वेळ: सुमारे* पाच मिनीटे)…(* सुमार लेखन आहे म्हणून….)

“बिनबुडाचे आरोप शोभणारे नाहीत”
“एका सन्माननीय सुसंस्कृत कुटुंबातील व्यक्तीकडून (म्हणजे देवेंद्राकडून) हे आरोप करणारे विधान होईल ही अपेक्षा नव्हती”…. इति-दुसरी सन्माननीय व्यक्ती (म्हणजे ताई).

वर्तमान पत्रातलं बातमीचं हे शिर्षक वाचून गंमत वाटली. मनात आलं. बिनबुडाचे आरोपच काय पण बिनबुडाचं दुसरं कुठे काय शोभतं ?

पण काहीही म्हणा जन्मभर आपल्यावर कसलाही आणि कितीही भार सोसून सुद्धा बूड हे थोडंसं उपेक्षितच राहिलेलं आहे असं मला वाटलं. बिचारं बूड.

एखादा तरुण आपल्या उमेदीच्या वयात वारंवार नोकरी बदलत राहिला किंवा वेगवेगळे व्यवसाय बदलत राहिला तर त्याच्या सन्माननीय पालकांकडून त्याला “आता कुठेतरी एकाच ठिकाणी बूड स्थिर कर” असा मौलिक सल्ला नक्कीच मिळाला असता. पण व्यवसायात यश मिळाल्यावर मात्र ती व्यक्ती एखाद्या समारंभात किंवा सार्वजनिकरीत्या “माझ्या यशाचं श्रेय हे संपूर्णपणे माझ्या बूडालाच आहे” असं म्हणताना मात्र दिसत नाही. तिथे त्या यशाचं श्रेय ‘त्याची मेहनत, सचोटी, कल्पकता, मेंदू, डोकं …इथपासून ते थोरामोठ्यांचे आशिर्वाद’ इ. पर्यंत सगळेजण खाऊन जातात.

तीच गोष्ट लग्नाची. लग्नाचं स्थळ शोधताना ‘मुलाचं बूड स्थिर’ असल्याशिवाय स्थळ आणि बोलणी पुढे सरकतच नाही. पण एकदा का सुखी संसाराला सुरुवात झाली की मग त्या संसाराचं श्रेय कुणी त्या बूडाला दिलंय ?

आमच्या लहानपणी मुलांच्या खेळण्यांच्या संग्रहात एक जड बुडाची बाहुली नक्की असायची. कितीही आडवं केलं तरी चटकन परत उभी रहाणारी. अर्थात ती बाहुली मुलांना खेळायला देण्यामागे मोठ्या माणसांचा काही हेतू असायचा का हे माहित नाही. पण तसा हेतू असताच तर काही निष्कर्ष असेही निघाले असते जसे की मुलांना बूडाचं महत्त्व समजावं, आयुष्यात नियतीने कितीही वेळा आडवं केलं तरीही बूड जर मजबूत असेल तर तुम्ही चटकन सावरू शकाल हा धडा मिळावा, बूड जितकं जड तितकं चांगलं (!) वगैरे वगैरे. पण आज-काल मुलांच्या खेळण्यात ही जड बुडाची बाहुली क्वचितच दिसते. मुलांना खेळायला फोन, टॅब, संगणक इत्यादी गोष्टी दिल्या तर बूडाचं महत्त्व कळणार कसं त्यांना असा साहजिकच प्रश्न पडतो? नाही म्हणायला बाबाच्या फोनमधे त्यांना चुकून कधीतरी (अपघाती) वेगळ्याच जड बुडाच्या बाहुल्या आढळतात पण तो विषय वेगळाच आहे.

शरीरशास्त्राच्या दृष्टिकोनातून बुडाकडे पाहिलं तर (तत्पूर्वी एक वैधानिक इशारा: कोणत्याही ‘दृष्टि’ किंवा ‘कोनातून’ कोणाचेही बूड पाहणे हे आरोग्यास अपायकारक आहे. ‘अ-पाय’ कारक, कारण कुणीतरी तुमचं तंगडं मोडून हातात देऊ शकतो) आपण जे ‘टेकतो’ ते ‘बूड’ असं म्हटलं तर हा भार आपली दोन इस्चियल ट्युबराॅसिटीज् (ischial tuberosities) नावाची हाडं आणि त्या हाडांवरचा शरीराचा भाग पेलत असतात. (चुभूदेघे). आणि जन्मभर लोकांची (अतोनात वाढलेली) वजनं सहन करून देखील या हाडांच्या तशा फारशा काही तक्रारी किंवा व्याधी मात्र नसतात. सांध्यांसारखी कुरकुर पण नसते. निदान एवढ्यासाठी तरी आपण त्यांचे खरंच आभार मानायला हवेत की नाही ?

या हाडांवरून आणखीन एक विनोदी गोष्ट आठवली. एमबीबीएस करताना पहिल्या वर्षाच्या अंतिम परिक्षेतली. (हे ‘वर्ष’ चक्क ‘दीड वर्षाचं’ असायचं तरीपण आम्ही त्याला वर्षच म्हणायचो. जावू दे. डॉक्टर लोकांना नाहीतरी आकडेमोड फारशी कळत नाही !) तिथे शरीरातली सगळी हाडं एका टेबलावर बाजार मांडलाय असं वाटावं अशी मांडून ठेवून त्या हाडांवर एक तोंडी परीक्षा व्हायची. परीक्षक त्यातलंच एखादं हाड विद्यार्थ्यांकडे आपल्या हातात पकडलेल्या पायाच्या हाडाने सरकवतच प्रश्न विचारत.
त्या काळात, परीक्षक किती विचित्र आणि अतार्किक प्रश्न विचारत यावरचा एक विनोदी किस्सा आम्हाला नेहमी सांगितला जायचा. तो असा.

परीक्षक मुलाच्या हातात पेल्विस (मराठीत त्याला ‘श्रोणि’चं हाड म्हणतात. बरं झालं शरीरशास्त्र मराठीत शिकावं नाही लागलं नाहीतर अवघड उच्चार करताना जिभेचं हाड मोडलं असतं…) देऊन त्या दोघांमधे संभाषण सुरू होतं.
परीक्षक: मला सांग तू कशावर बसलायस ?
विद्यार्थी: (थोडसं आश्चर्याने) स्टूलावर !
परीक्षक: अरे..तू नक्की कशावर बसलायस ?
विद्यार्थी: (आता टरकली. फायनल परीक्षा आहे ना? परीक्षकाला नक्की काय उत्तर अपेक्षित आहे ?) स्टूल नीट निरखून पहात….”सर, लाकडी स्टूल सर.”
परीक्षक (अ-मराठी)…: कम ऑन. अरे तू कुठल्या हाडांवर बसलायस ?
विद्यार्थी ताडकन उभं राहून आपण स्टूल वर बसण्यापूर्वी तिथे चुकून एखादं छोटं हाड आधीच तर पडलं नव्हतं ना याची खात्री करत…”नो सर. मी कुठल्याच हाडांवर बसलो नाहीये”…..
क्षणभर त्याला आपण घरीच आहोत आणि आपण वेंधळेपणाने आईने स्टूलावर वाळत घातलेल्या कुटाच्या मिरच्यांवर बसलोय आणि ती खेकसून सांगतेय….अरे, कशावर बसलायस? जरा नीट पहावं तरी माणसाने….
हा सगळा प्रकार चाललेला असताना तिथे शेजारी बसलेला एक्स्पर्ट मात्र का हसत होता हे काही त्याच्या लक्षात येईना… तेवढ्यात परीक्षकाने आपला संयम संपल्याचं जाहीर करत आपला फैसला सुनावला…
परीक्षक: “तू आता जावू शकतोस…..पुढच्या वेळी नीट तयारी करून ये…”
विद्यार्थी रडवेल्या चेहर्‍याने बाहेर.
बिचाऱ्याला परीक्षकाच्या प्रश्नाचं उत्तर म्हणून त्याने हातात दिलेल्या पेल्विक बोन वरच्या इस्चियल ट्युबराॅसिटीज् दाखवायच्या होत्या याची पुसट सुद्धा कल्पना नव्हती.

लग्नाला जसं ‘स्थिर’ बुडाचं स्थळ लागतं तसं संसारात लागणाऱ्या काही भांड्याचं बूड पण महत्त्वाचं असतं. काही भांडी जाड बुडाचीच असावी लागतात. विषेशतः पातेली. पिंप मोठ्या बुडाचं असावं लागतं तर घागर सपाट बुडाची हवी. तर गंगाजल साठवायला छोटा ‘बुडकुला’ हवा असतो. (तसं बुडकुला हा शब्द ‘खरी फॅक्ट’ सारखा वाटतो नाही ?)
बूड चेपलं तर भांडं बदलायची वेळ येते. नशीब, माणसांच्या बाबतीत तसं नसतं !

पाण्यात तरंगताना एखाद्या व्यक्तीचा पृष्ठभाग जोवर दिसतोय तोपर्यंत तो तरंगतोय पण पृष्ठभाग दिसेनासा झाला कि समजायचं….तो बुड-ला. शब्दकोशात पाहिलं तर बूड या शब्दावरून इतर अनेक शब्द निर्माण झाले आहेत असं दिसतं. आणि तसं तर बूड या शब्दाचे सुद्धा अनेक अर्थ आहेत म्हणे. पण बुडबुडा हा शब्द मात्र बुडावरून आलेला दिसत नाही…मग तो बुडाच्या कितीही जवळ आला तरीही.

मराठी साहित्यात अगदी संतांच्या भारुडापासून ते हल्लीच्या लेखकांपर्यंत अनेक जणांनी बूड या शब्दाचा नैमित्तिक वापर केलाय असं गुगल सर्च वर दिसतं. पण तो वापर प्रामुख्याने बूड टेकणे, बूड उचलून पळून जाणे, कुणाच्या तरी तावडीत बूड सापडणे किंवा बूड स्थिर होणे इ. साठीच. आजकाल हे ‘बिनबुडाचे’ आरोप पण आहेतच. पण काही अंशात आश्चर्य आणि वाईट एवढ्याचंच वाटतं की इंटरनेट वरच्या मराठी शब्दकोशात बूड या शब्दाच्या अनेक अर्थांमधे बूड या शब्दाचा ‘आपल्या/मानवी शरीराचा एक भाग’ असा मात्र उल्लेख दिसला नाही. अहो, हे म्हणजे सरळ सरळ उघडपणे त्या भागाला नाकबूल करण्यासारखं झालं. म्हणजे पहा ना ? एखाद्याने मारलेली लाथ खायला बूड सर्वात पुढे असतं….नाही, म्हणजे मागे असतं…. पण तरीही बूड हा आपल्या शरीराचा भाग नाहीच ???
यापेक्षा आणखीन काय बरं मोठी उपेक्षा असू शकेल त्याची ?

डॉक्टर करंबेळकर राजेंद्र

Dr Rajendra Karambelkar is a senior paediatrician of repute practising at Pimpri Chinchwad. He has a flair for writing and a good and mature sense of humor

Woman’s Day #EmbraceEquity

Daughter, sister, wife, mother, sister in law, daughter in law, aunt,mother in law, grandmother,great grandmother…in whatever stage of life they are….they are, have been and always will be venerated world over. Be it Mata Durga or Mother Mary, women have always been venerated,respected and worshipped.

Wife, mother, sister, daughter….

Introduced by the German lady Clara Zetkin in 1910 , started in communist and socialist Russia soon after woman were entitled to universal suffrage in 1917 , Woman’s Day has come to stay. It is celebrated as international women’s day on March 8th every year and devoted to celebrating the empowerment, success and achievements of women.

Well, mother’s are said to be representing the Gods on earth as God himself couldn’t be everywhere……..God too chose woman to represent him as he knew best, that only a woman is a complete human with all the criteria of love, affection, intelligence, diligence, never tiring and never complaining , hence it was she who could replace god in the homes of mankind.


Then why was it that we required a woman’s day to understand the importance of women. Simple….man never understood what God had decided….he always looked upon women as his subordinate, inferior, incapable, for this satisfied his ego. Women, the world over were relegated to household chores and never given similar rights as men. Equality was lacking for thousands of years untill it took some women to think and demand equal rights. Man of course didn’t yield easily, it took centuries for them to terms with the fact that woman are definitely superior to them and yet are only asking for equality.


Today woman has equalled or even surpassed man in every sphere, science, medicine,sports,space travel, politics, academics……they do not lag anywhere. So let’s celebrate their achievements, let’s clap for them, let us permit them to walk shoulder to shoulder with us, let no man denigrate or insult god’s biggest creation..woman.

Women in every sphere today

On a signing out note……. I understand that only 27 countries in the world celebrate international women’s day by declaring it as a national holiday…..when will the others follow suit……India too should at the earliest.

Women power
Best ever compliment

Suicides….are they justified??

A farmer commits suicide…poor crop prices or poor harvest. A buisness man…..heavy losses. A lover…..jilted or unsuccessful love story. A politician….. depression or can’t face failure. A patient…fed up with life of treatment. A student…… examination failure. A parent….unable to make ends meet. Another patient….. psychological problem. The list goes on. Every day various people various reasons. Only the person committing suicide had a reason he or she felt was necessary to end one’s life. Others can comment, argue , debate whether it was right or wrong, but do others have any right to decide another person’s wish.

Euthanasia is today legal in many countries….that too is a form of permitted suicide. Then why are suicides not permitted, why can’t others accept a person desire not to live. Try putting their shoes on and then think, 🤔. Euthanasia is the practice (illegal in most countries) of killing somebody without pain who wants to die because he/she is suffering from a disease that cannot be cured. Why is it that only physical pain is pain…..mental pain too is pain. Why is it only people with incurable disease are permitted, atleast in some countries. Many a times mental pain too is incurable, financial losses are at times irreversible, love lost is not reversible, some failures in life are devastating, many psychiatric problems have no cure, depression is a state of mind……yet when people commit suicide for these reasons they are said to be mentally weak, it is is asked what right did they have to take their own life…..well they asked to be born either. They definitely are not weak….. suicides are not for the weak hearted….it needs tremendous mental strength, yet socities can’t come to terms with it

Events in human life and circumstances may change even without one knowing it. Therefore what may seem like excellent today might be useless tomorrow. Happiness like depression is a state of mind, that may change according to circumstances that govern our decisions in life.since every individual has the right to live , he/she should also have the right to die when he or she so wishes, that is an argument the majority don’t buy. Today suicide and attempted suicide are no longer treated as criminal offences in many countries- which indirectly means somewhere this right to ends one’s life is subconsciously being accepted.

” It seems a monstrous procedure to inflict further suffering on even a single individual who has already found life so unbearable, his chances of life so slender, that he has been willing to face pain and death in order to cease his living. That those for whom life is altogether bitter should be subjected to further bitterness and degradation seems perverse” legislation…’H. Romilly Fedden

Not everyone will agree with Fedden’s views, but it is worth trying to understand his statement. As of today very few will justify suicides. Most men who taught the world how to live peacefully in love did ultimately commit suicide. They perhaps realised at some point in life that living further was useless.

The world accepts abortion, meaning you have the right to take away the life of an unborn……but not your life… can this hypocrite nature of humans be justified… answer. Everything that suits humans present needs will always be justified……..but who will talk….very few.

The other side…thoughts of spiritual person “You need to observe whether there’s negativity in there … when you feel you don’t want to live anymore, is it a resistance pattern that is egoic because things are not going the way you want them to go? Or, maybe a kind of tiredness of life? Instead of committing suicide, practice dying, by surrendering completely to the present moment. Don’t demand the present moment to be different. It is what it is, then the ego dies. Try surrender then see what happens. That means no complaint of anything anymore, complete acceptance of this moment as it is.”.. ECKHART TOLLE

ECKHART TOLLE had contemplated suicide at the age of 29 and overcame it to live and write on the futility of suicides. His writing clearly does not justify suicide. His teaching needs to be known by all which would help in stopping suicides.

“All negativity is caused by an accumulation of psychological time and denial of the present. Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry – all forms of fear – are caused by too much future, and
not enough presence. Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, bitterness, and all forms
of no forgiveness are caused by too much past, and not enough presence… Eckhart TOLLE. Following and understanding this will perhaps clear one’s mind on why suicides should stop and not be justified.


As was observed by the great philosopher, poet ‘Khalil Gibran’ , …you can muffle the drum and you can loosen the strings of the lyre, but who shall command the skylark not to sing? This will sum up ……. suicides….can they ever be wished away.

HATE….The word that should be deleted from mankind’s dictionary

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

HATE….is one of the words that I believe should be banned from general usage…not just the word…the feeling of hate should be dissolved totally.

Keep love….remove hate

Among all feelings for each other, it is the worst. Hate creates sorrow, it sows the seeds for discontent, anger, stress, misery for the human race. Greed, jealousy, selfish nature,revenge are all of human nature, but the worst is hate. Once this feeling of humans is banished, the world would become a happier place to live in.

So let’s remove the hate within us , for others…..let the word no more be applied or used.

The word hate shouldn’t just be thrown out from our vocabulary, it should be banished from our minds and our hearts.

The Indian farmer…a most neglected category

Recently the news appeared in many papers and social media. A farmer travelled 70 kilometres with his 512 kg of onions produce to the  (Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC). was rewarded with 2.49paise after mandatory deductions for loading, transport, labour etc. The trader  had purchased his onions at Re 1 a kg.The payment too was with a post dated cheque. SHOCKING, SAD, DISGUSTING…..many more words come to my mind but this is the truth of today’s Indian farmer……a group of genuine hardworking poor sincere and honest folks who are today driven to suicides as nature plays havoc with their crops, their toil and produce is paid peanuts. How do you expect them to survive , how will they even take care of their basic needs in such conditions. The government cares two hoots, the media highlights stories for TRP, people read it, feel sorry, pass a few comments and soon again the sorry state of the farmers is forgotten.

The farmers are the reason we have our food, they toil hard, face the vagaries of nature, they are the unseen heroes that feed all of our population. Yet they are the most uncared for. Why can’t the government provide minimum support prices, why doesn’t the government take steps to ensure such incidents never happen…….simple….the governments don’t care….the elected representatives do not care………… Well when the gods don’t care why would the governments.

They toil so that we don’t sleep hungry

Instead of shedding crocodile tears when farmers commit suicides let hope the gods put some senses into the government heads so that atleast now they take necessary steps to ensure the farmers are taken care of.

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