The conglomeration of all souls.

Yogi stared into his telescope , the Celestron Astro master was a gift from his father on his eleventh birthday. Now a year later he was a master gazer. Today, again he saw it , a tiny object of bright light amongst the stars and planets . Amoeba shaped and bulging at all its protrusions.He had been observing it for over a week now, not understanding yet as to what it was. It had an aura other stars in the constellation didn’t have. There were unusual movements and emissions too from this object . Small tiny streaks of light were getting detached from it on an off. All his knowledge could not not decipher as to which star this was.

This object in the sky was silently wading through space. It contained all the souls..the spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings, that had left human bodies ever since Adam and Eve first inhabitated earth. Trillions of souls who had relinquished their dead bodies now decayed to dust or burnt to ashes long ago. The object was hardly a third the size of the sun, yet it was all powerful , all souls that once accompanied the humans while they lived, each one the size of nano microns,yet glowing with the power of a thousand lux , silent and cold light.

Conglomeration of souls

The separation of the soul from the body happens at death. It is said the soul or atma may wander for forty days or immediately travel to its destination. Yes, but ultimately it will travel to its destination, the conglomeration of all souls wandering in this universe as a single star, never ever returning to another body unlike many would have us to believe.

In the course of its travel to its conglomeration, the soul visits all the places where the body that it had dwelled in had travelled and stayed. The soul is a micro super computer , all the history of the body as it lived on earth is encrypted into it. Every instance of life and it’s memories are for ever saved in its memory. It contained an immense quantity of knowledge. Imagine the souls of Einstein, Gandhi, Edison, Pasteur,Roentgen,Darwin,Tagore, Swami Vivekananda, Osho,Lincoln,Napoleon, Hitler, Saddam, Galileo, Socrates, Homer, Aristotle, Bhaskar charya, Sushrut, Shakespeare, Dickens,Valmiki, Colombus, Vasco da gama, Vinci and who not, all together in a single star. It had to be a million times more powerful than the most powerful supercomputer today. They existed in absolute harmony, their journey to earth having been over.

Inspite of the harmony of its existence as a conglomeration , on and off there had been a suffocation of some souls. These souls wanted to return to earth , to visit their bodies which were dust and ashes. They felt that their leaving of the body had been premature and untimely, they had their jobs half done. Mostly these souls belonged to humans with untimely deaths like accidents, murders and suicide. These souls never were at comfort in their conglomeration. The urge to revisit earth was very strong in them. The supreme power or GOD was not happy, GOD didn’t exactly like the concept of revisit of a soul again to earth. The souls cried and rebelled . GOD couldn’t resist, couldn’t see their sorrow and so agreed , but on a condition that they could never again join the conglomeration without having been in a human body again.

What Yogi had been watching through his telescope was this all powerful, all knowledgeable body all souls. The streaks of light leaving were those of the souls returning to earth to locate their past bodies. Yogi noticed once the streak of light left the star, suddenly it became invisible. The moment these souls left the conglomeration their lights were lost, they hurtled towards earth at the speed a thousand times that of light. They became invisible , they travelled to the same locations on continents from where they had risen to the conglomeration. As they touched earth they were invisible to all creatures. They started travelling in search of their previous bodies that were long ago turned to dust or ashes. They ashes had been washed away by rains and rivers. The dust had mingled with the soil. They cried out loudly but unheard to human ears. GOD felt hurt, he pitied the souls wandering across the earth. He devised a plan…..GODs plan.

Fireflies ………..They produce light in special organs in their abdomens by combining a chemical called luciferin, enzymes called luciferases and oxygen . They are an inch long and have a life span of around two months. They emit cold light and do not bite.

That’s what GOD did. He gave the souls a temporary body, he gave them light so that they could begin their search for their lost bodies….They were the fireflies , actually returned souls, this what no human knew. He gave them a period of two months in which they could search for their past bodies and look out for new bodies where they could now dwell . The rebirth of the dead had been sanctioned by GOD.

The soul now with the body of a firefly, with cold light , flew in all directions in search of dust or ash to which it had belonged. The light, the sense of direction, the super micro computer it was, it didnt take much time to locate the dust or ash of its prior body. The firefly carried a speck of this material and went ahead for its next journey to find a new body.

They lady had concieved, the super micro computer of the soul or the now firefly could sense and locate it. The firefly travelled to concieving mothers and transmitted the speck it was carrying into the conceptus. The soul had found its new body. A rebirth had been decided. A human who had inadvertantly died an untimely death was being reborn. Whether the new human would ever know his past life was never sure, some would, others wouldn’t , but the soul had found solace, another chance of life had been given to a human who had had an untimely departure from earth.

The souls in the conglomeration sensed and knew that some human, in fact they knew it was Yogi who had spotted their conglomeration. They had noted that for the past whole week Yogi was following them. They realised that Yogi had seen the streaks of light or souls leaving back for earth. They weren’t sure of what was to be done. They asked GOD , should we stop him……..GOD smiled…No he said….It’s one amongst you in a new body…..It’s Aryabhatta.

ARYABHATTA…Indian mathematician and astronomer

डॉ हेमंत चिक्लिकर यांचे हृदय स्पर्श करणारे पोस्ट

Merry christmas

सालाबाद प्रमाणे या वर्षी रॉय कडे ख्रिसमस पार्टी नाही हा फार मोठा सांस्कृतिक धक्का आहे . वर्षानुवर्षे पंढरीच्या वारीला जाणाऱ्यांना अचानक वारी कॅन्सल झाल्यावर जसं वाटेल तसच काहीसं.रॉय हा माणूस नावाप्रमाणेच रॉयल .नावापुरताच ख्रिश्चन.एरवी पुरता गाववाला . ज्या सहजतेने चर्च ला जाईल,त्याच सहज पणें देव दर्शन ही घेईल .त्याच सहजपणाने दसऱ्याला जिजामाता रुग्णालयात वॉर्ड बॉय सकट सगळ्यांच्या गाड्यांना हार घालेल.यामध्ये यत्किंचितही नाटकीपणा नाही.सर्वधर्म समभाव केवळ कागदोपत्री नाही तर तो हृदयातून आलेला .दरवर्षी न चुकता त्याचा आवर्जून फोन येणार म्हणजे येणार.त्याच्या घरी सुपर क्लास वन पासून चतुर्थ श्रेणी मधले कर्मचारी त्याच मोकळेपणा ने वावरत असायचे .सर्वांची चोख व्यवस्था. खाण्या पिण्याची चंगळ.सगळ्यांची आवड निवड लक्षात ठेवून तसे प्लॅनिंग.आणि हे सगळं गेली 25- 30 वर्षे.यासाठी फक्त ऐपत असून भागत नाही, दानत ही लागते .
ख्रिसमस ची ही वारी बंद झाल्यामुळे माझी पुण्याई कमी पडली अशी माझी खंत आहे .पण त्यामुळे गेली कित्येक वर्षे अनिल ने जी निरपेक्ष मैत्री केली त्याची किंमत समजली . मित्रा,खूप खूप शुभेच्छा. ख्रिसमस निमित्ताने आपल्या मैत्री साठी .Cheers..👍

Doctor I was, Doctor I am. Doctor I shall always be.

Doctor I was. Doctor I am. I heard their complaints ,. I understood their pain,. In my brain , I deduced their illness. I treated them right, I got them well. They were happy and so was I . Contended was I .

Doctor I was. Doctor I am. The ques at my OPD room was always unending. The bigger the que, the more vigor I worked with. The night duties were tiresome,. I assisted them in delivering their children,. I monitored them sincerely ,. I knew no sleep ,. The nurses and ayas assisted me,. I held crying vermin coated babies in my hands. I watched as the mothers cried with joy,. My heart missed a beat if the baby didn’t cry.

Doctor I was.                                       Doctor I am.    Years went by and I rose up the ladder,. As destined perhaps ,I became the chief medical officer,. Now the whole medical department was under me. I missed those nights, the wails of mothers, the cries of babies. Yet I was happy, manoeuvering my department to newer heights and perfections .

Doctor I was.                                       Doctor I am.    I managed to get permission to open up a Post graduate institute,. My happiness knew no bounds. My colleagues and fellow doctors were my life. Happiness they say can never last for ever ,. Same with me. The bureaucrats and politicians connived to throw me out. Three decades of life as a doctor was gone.

Doctor I was.                                       Doctor I am.    I found myself transferred to the sanitation department. Gone were the patients and doctor colleagues and friends.

Doctor I was.                                       Doctor I am.    Three and a half years before I retire,. I am supervising the cleaning of streets,. Door to door garbage collection, Clearing rivers of hyacinth,. Cleaning naalas and gutters,.

Doctor I was.                             Doctor I am.    Now those three and half years are coming to an end,. I still am here, garbage and garbage clearing is my forte,. No more curing the ill,. No more babies cry in my hands ,. No more mothers pleading with me for help.

Doctor I was.                                       Doctor I am.    No more doctors are my friends now,. They have distanced themselves from me, it hurts a lot , my heart bleeds,. Have to accept what life is giving me. Forty five days now before I retire, A doctor I was ,. A doctor I am,. A doctor I shall always be.

No more patients, only garbage

Easter Sunday

The second warning appears in Mark 9:30–32 (and also in Matthew 17:22–23) as follows: He said to them, “The Son of Man is going to be betrayed into the hands of men. They will kill him, and after three days he will rise.” But they did not understand what he meant and were afraid to ask him about it.

Good Friday

Jesus the Saviour

Good Friday . .the day Christians commemorate Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. A day of grief, penance and fasting. The day is also known as Black Friday. Good Friday marks the end of Lent which is a 40-day fasting period for Christians. The day Jesus laid down his life for the sins of mankind, the day the Jews found immeasurable pleasure in crucifying Jesus. It is believed that Christ willingly suffered to save his people from their sins. On this day, the followers of Christ remember the sacrifices made by him. It is the end of the holy week, from the day day Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

To be crucified in the the most terrible manner and yet we label it as Good Friday. Yes, that’s because all of mankind’s sins were washed off by one act of Christ taking all sins upon himself. No wonder it’s a good day for mankind.

He died so that we may live

The resurrection of Christ is still a matter of debate, but not for the believers, that he rose again on the third day , now celebrated as Easter Sunday is believed by all of the Christian faithful. It is god’s kindness that he sent his only son to be crucified for the sins of mankind. But has man learnt anything from this sacrifice, has it made man turn away from sin, has man changed himself or will it require another coming of the prophet to wash mankind’s sins again.

Observation of lent, forty days of fasting and prayers, celebrations on good Friday or Easter is of no value as long as man continues to commit sins again and again and just pray for forgiveness, not really trying to learn from what Jesus taught the world . Good Friday and Easter will come year after year to remind mankind of the great sacrifice of Jesus . Let’s understand the lessons to be learnt and followed so that in future Good Friday will be more meaningful.

His sacrifice shall not be in vain

Even as we have celebrated this holy day today the 15th of April 2022 and we look forward to the day Jesus rose to ascend into heaven and be with his Father again as we celebrate Easter on this 17th Sunday, let us pray Christ’s sacrifice shall not have been in vain.

A patients death…A doctor’s suicide

No more…Rest in peace

Archana Sharma, doctor, gynaecologist, gold medallist, supreme giver of new lives , forced into committing suicide. What can be sadder than this. In today’s India, so called progressive , latest world power, education hub and supplier of doctors world wide. Yet this sad state of affairs .

The incident……… A lady Asha devi, aged 22 years is wheeled in for a delivery at night. As is the norm all care us taken. She delivers at 9 am in the morning but lands in PPH. The doctors did their best what medical science expects , but couldn’t save her. She loses her life. The husband , relatives and villagers gather around, they put pressure on the hospital staff, block roads, blame the doctors negligence for the death. The police come in to take stock of the situation .

Why are the doctors always the target

The police slap section 302 on the doctor, a gold medallist Archana Sharma. Why? What was the rationale . To satisfy the crowds?? The body of the deceased is sent for post mortem. A doctor is sentenced to guilt, for no reason. Imagine her condition. After years of study and hard work she has been slapped with IPC 302 for no fault of hers.

Haven’t the police heard of this

Any person who commits murder shall be punished with death or imprisonment for life and shall also be liable to fine as per section 302 of the Indian Penal Code. Offence of murder is a Non-Bailable and Non Compoundable Offence (where a compromise cannot be done). Now this is the section saphed on a doctor performing her duty with all sincerity . How shameful . This yu the section slapped on Dr Archana……. Are the police in their right minds. Do they know the difference between a medical negligence and medical complications.

The police…Wrong decision

It’s demeaning to her skills and profession , she has been made a scape goat to satisfy the ego of fools who don’t understand what PPH is. Postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) is defined as a blood loss of 500 ml or more within 24 hours after birth. PPH is the leading cause of maternal mortality in low-income countries, and the primary cause of nearly one quarter of all maternal deaths globally.

  • Causes of PPH
  • Tone: uterine atony,
  • Trauma: lacerations of the uterus, cervix or vagina.
  • Tissue: retained placenta or clots.
  • Thrombin: pre-existing or acquired coagulopathy.

Have the husband and relatives or the crowd ever read or understood these reasons. Do they know how difficult it is to manage these cases. Why would a doctor ever let her patient die. The doctor always does what is best, but may not always be successful in preventing the ultimate result. Does the police understand the intricacies of PPH. If not then on what grounds was section 302 used, just to satisfy the crowd. Horrible , the doctor is always a sift target. The death was in probability unavoidable. Then why potray a doctor in such a manner at all .

Archana could not bear the embarrassment, the torture,the fact she wasn’t at fault and that section 302 slapped on her……..She committed suicide. How sad, a good professional , a gold medallist doctor just committed suicide . what a loss for the family, her patients , the doctor fraternity and India. In her suicide note she says she loves het husband and children, she prays that they should not be harrased. She says she was not at fault, she says her death is to state that she is innocent, not guilty . She request all not to harras innocent doctors. She prays that her children never feel the loss of a mother.

Will there ever be justice

How heart wrenching a story. A pregnant lady lose her life to a medical known complication. A lady doctor unable to bear the situation ends her life. Is this the modern india. Is this our culture. Is this why children study hard to become doctors, give up routine luxuries and work hard to serve people who still seem to be unkind. No, this should never have happened . It’s a blot on our society .

The suicide note

Where are the other doctors , the so called Indian Medical Association, the government, the local doctors association. A few posts on Twitter, FB, and their work is over . Forget empathise , hardly anyone even sympathises. No one cares. Each is interested in his or her own career. All are busy , no time to stop and think what can be done . Doctors are doomed in India for sure . Their selfish nature, unwillingness to stand up for their own. The day is not far when more and more of them will face the same fate. God save the doctors .

Majority of the political class owned press is shamefully silent. Rotten state of affairs.

Interview with Amitav Banerjee

Re blogged with permission from Dr Amitav Banerjee.

Book: Covid-19 Pandemic: A Third Eye About the Book: “Dr. Amitav Banerjee has a knack of conveying seemingly complex public health messages in a lucid manner, understandable and appealing to experts as well as to the layperson. His writings are gripping, like a story, while at the same time educating the reader on subtle issues with […]

Interview with Amitav Banerjee

The Kashmir files…..a much needed awakening.

It took 32 years and a movie to awaken a nation of 130 crores from a long deep slumber, that there had been a genocide, an exodus and displacement of huge number of families and untold misery of the Kashmiri Pandits, a sect of Kashmiri Bramhins

Why it happened, in whose regime it happened or how it could have been avoided or stopped is not to be debated now. That it happened and we are all responsible directly or directly for the suffering of our brethren Kashmiri Pandits is a fact that cannot be wished away. Why were there only subdued voices of support to these pundits, why wasn’t there any mass movement against those untold atrocities , why did political class irrespective of parties keep the issue under wraps , why wasn’t it debated openly and why wasn’t the voice of these people not heard for so long.

Refugees in their own country

Where was the fourth pillar of democracy, the Press. They find time and energy to discuss, debate and inflate trivial matters, then why was their voice feeble during this genocide or even after it for three decades, these are the questions we should be asking today. Are we one nation, if so why is it that the Mumbai riots, bombings, and terrorist attacks find mention and swift counter action but the Kasmiri Pandits are left to fend for themselves. As a nation somewhere, somehow the connect needed is sadly missing.

The press failed them

Early 1990 the genocide,murder, rape and purge of the hindu minority in Kashmir began. So any person , who is 32 years as of today wasn’t yet born then. Those children who exited Kashmir then and we’re below 10 years of age ate today in their late thirties or early forties . How much they remember is not known, but no child perhaps would forget the gory scenes witnessed by them in those tender years. Those in their teens bore the brunt with their parents and grandparents, they are today in their early fifties. They saw it, experienced it, they will never forget. Those adult parents in their twenties and thirties are nearing their sixties , they bore the brunt, carrying their children and parents to safety through shelters and camps to resettle in other states. Some lost their old parents during this journey, some their children, yet others lost their own lives to terrorist as they tried to flee the situation. They were forced out of their homes, their homeland by the terrorists and Muslim seperatists, a weak government and an ineffective governor, an unresponsive press and a nation that didn’t bother to be on their side actively.

The senior citizens who managed to get out of Kashmir then are perhaps long dead, the survivors in their eighties or nineties rueing their bad luck, cursing the separatists who forced them out of their home lands.

For 32 years these people have faced untold misery, some sympathy here and there , practically no empathy, yet these strong minded but mild and gentle folk who had lost everything , resettled at various locations across India. At many places the local folk did extend a helping hand to enable these refugees in their own country to start life afresh. These brave hearts kept their sorrows to themselves , helped each other and slowly endeared themselves to the local citizens where they settled. Some took up jobs, some went into small businesses, students restarted their schooling with some help from the local authorities. Their sufferings were never discussed, they kept the dark stories to them selves, a few people tried to probe into their past with some success, a few books got written on their sad journey and experiences, but it never actually reached the masses . Surely we are to blame, how could we not understand their suffering, a few hundred rupees given as a contribution to help these stranded Kashmiri brethren and we thought we had done our bit. We failed to question the successive governments, we failed to highlight their sufferings, we failed as a nation to come to the rescue of these Kashmiri Pundits. NGO’s and other organisations did make feeble attempts to make the Kashmiri voice be heard, but in the din of our political system and an unwilling press, they were hardly heard.

Three decades passed by, they had become a forgotten lot, no one cared as to what we could do for them, governments promised packages, promises to get them back to their homeland, nothing actually materialised. Whenever packages are given, it must be understood that hardly anything actually reaches the beneficiary, similarly the hundreds of crores that were supposed to be spent on getting these Pandits back to their homeland, have surely been pocketed by the smart guys along the line, what will ever reach them will not even suffice to buy tissue paper or handkerchiefs to wipe their tears

Then came the movie, “The Kashmir files”..well researched,studied and presented. It captured the minute details of the genocide and suffering. Old wounds reopened, bleeding again, all those alive today of those lakhs of Kashmiri Pandits at last had a voice. The new generation of Indians who were oblivious to these stories and facts are shocked. How could this happen in their India. It was unacceptable, the movie is getting rave reviews, excellent. Suddenly again India is one…..all are grieved , sympathy, empathy everything is back. All over social media, Instagram, Facebook, telegram, LinkedIn, Twitter is full of awe and shock. The movie has stirred the consciousness of all Indians, young and old, rich and poor irrespective of religion and caste. People are crying openly at the theatres, all walking out are teary eyed and full of new found determination that the Kashmiri Pandits need to be given back their homes, they should be compensated for all their losses and mental agony.

The new India is with the pandits, the government should take note of it and take immediate and persuasive measures to give them back their paradise. Let’s keep politics aside, let all political parties take a simple stand that this issue needs to be resolved at the earliest and let’s hope and pray such an incident never ever occurs again anytime, anywhere in India or in this world.

Putin v/s Zelensky. NATO..EU…USA

This is perhaps how a simple minded common Asian citizen sees the war. Stop it must, for war is no means a solution  The war I do not support.

Two men at war

Putin…First prime minister, now President of Russia. Former intelligence officer, black belt in martial arts, total fitness.  Experience of over two decades in governance. Leads one of today’s most powerful nations. Post dissolution of the USSR has been wary of the design of NATO & EU along with the other superpower USA. His hawk eyed view has led him to believe and perhaps rightly so that Ukraine and other East European countries are being prodded and used as a base for developing  a position to strike Russia. Has been closely monitoring the development of biological warfare in Ukraine that would ultimately pose a threat to Russian population. The threat of missiles covering the whole of Russia too from Ukraine was under the scanner. Still believes that Ukraine historically is part of Russia. Any threat to Russia needs to be nipped in the bud, is not his wishful, but rightful thinking. He has a responsibility towards his country, to keep it safe from any threat of attack. He believed that attack was the best defence, if he did not act now, it could be never. In his thoughts he perhaps wasn’t or isn’t wrong. His act of invasion is open to debate. Before condemning his act of invasion of Ukraine the reasons as he believes to be true has to be understood and analysed

Zelensky….a famous comedian, Russian speaking and a Jew. Popularity of his shows gained him wide acceptance and was elected as President of Ukraine in a landslide victory. Though there have been many scandals linked to him, he still was popular. His vision was simple , he was not happy with the deals cut out when Ukraine got its independence under Gorbachev. His yearning for past glory and his idea of being as strong if not stronger than Russia got him to get nearer to NATO,EU & USA. He was willing to be a part of it , wanted to let them have it’s missile bases in Ukraine, that would increase his bargaining power with Russia. It is said that  Ukraine has developed centres of manufacturing biological warfare. He was under the impression that no one was watching. His actions and intentions were what he felt would of benefit to Ukraine. As the President his actions perhaps cannot be faulted. Every leader of a country would certainly aspire to be strong militarily. Where he perhaps went wrong or miscalculated was that the USA, NATO or EU would jump to Ukrainian defense , they were not really trustworthy. He always believed that if the time came all these nations would come to his rescue and fight it out against the Russians . He perhaps also didn’t forsee or miscalculated the Russian response.

USA, NATO, EU … Their understanding was simple, they needed to contain Russia. Ukraine territory was needed. They kept the carrot of NATO, EU membership dangling to Ukraine. They knew Zelensky was not an experienced politician. The comedian was straightforward, his love was for his country. They were cocksure he wouldn’t see through their nefarious intentions. All the while they were sure Putin would see through, they knew Russia would at some point walk into Ukraine to stop their proposed dream. If and when it happened, the war would be a win win situation for them. The causalities would be Ukrainian, the world sympathy would go to the underdog Ukraine. Their arms could be sold, they controlled the world media, print, digital and social. The world would be hearing and seeing only what they willed the world could see. No human losses for them, no destruction of their property or installations. The biological warfare installations in Ukraine too needed to be removed, Russia would do that. They could levy sanctions against Russia, supply a few outdated expiry date arms to Ukraine , pass resolutions in world forums against Russia and get the sympathy of other world leaders and the Ukrainian masses. The sanctions against Russia would cripple their economy, the war itself would prove to be a costly affair for Russia, they are trying to get the Russian population to go against Putin. Once Russia is weakened they would now be the sole super powers. Salute to their crooked minds.

Threesome v/s Russia

The invasion and Putin….. He invaded Ukraine, his army has been targetting all army installations, biological warfare factories across Ukraine . There has been heavy collateral civilian causalities. The Russians too has suffered major causalities, the sanctions against Russia has crippled them economically. There has been a mass exodus of Ukrainian citizens to neighbouring countries. The civilian population is the main sufferer. Zelensky is not giving up, the novice politician that he is, fails to understand the damage being done to his country. He somehow is immune to the suffering of his countrymen, so many lives lost, so much of infrastructure destruction, the saga continues. A smart leader would have called for a truce, he would not let his country men suffer, Zelensky is blind to it, his only aim is to win the war, which is perhaps a remote possibility. High time common sense prevails upon the comedian President, this is not a television show, it’s the real world there are no happy endings. Putin too needs to finish this immediately, take out your targets , stop the war, too much of collateral civilian damage has already been done. Putin has to accept responsibility too, agreed you started this for the defence of your country, perhaps we can’t grudge you that, but now it has to stop. Have a big heart, stop the war before the war devours both of your countries.

Now…stop this war

NATO..USA..EU….. You have had your fun, now step in and stop this war, do not remain immune to human sufferings, your target is Russia, fight them directly, do not use other nations as pawns .

Spreading happiness amongst the underprivileged

Tungarli dam

The underprivileged are not necessarily extremely poor, they are definitely not rich. They yearn for many things in life, but sadly never get it. It’s the reason why sharing what the privileged have with them will help spread joy and happiness amongst them. It’s not your money they need, it’s your sharing of small things that will make them happy. Keep sharing.

Ashish is a motor freak, his love for vehicles especially off roaders lead him to buy the THAR. A unique and fantastic vehicle from the Mahindra stable. Purely Indian, but of world standards. He joined  a THAR group which would go around villages and mountainous roads on weekends. All of them THAR crazy people and adventurous. They would traverse into remote areas and villages. Enjoy the drive and the enjoy the glory of god’s wonderful creation , the earth, the world.

It was routine that some vehicle would get stuck in the muck and the others would try to get them out. In these remote villages, the simple citizens would always come forward to help in these situations. Normally the good Samaritans in their vehicles would hand over some cash to these villagers in exchange for the help rendered . Of course this was a means to augment their meagre earnings and all felt that they had been kind to them. Little did any of them realise that the simple folk expected something more.


It was on in of these trips that on a Sunday they were driving through a small hamlet in Tungarli . Tungarli Dam, one of the oldest dam in India, was built during the British rule back in 1930-1935 and is located in village Tungarli near Lonavala. There were hardly 12 to 14 houses here . The menfolk worked as tourist guides at Lonavala which is a tourist destination in Pune, Maharashtra. The children went to school 4 km away. Their earnings were sufficient to live with two square meals and basic amenities. They led simple lives with small farm holdings. Vehicle failures and help of villagers in solving them was common. That day a villager approached Ashish with a strange request. He said you guys pay us handsomely for any help we render you, but we would be very happy if you concede to one of our demands. Ashish asked him as what his demand or request was. He was not forthcoming, he said if you deny , it could hurt them. Ashish said go ahead, he would comply with their request if it was feasible, not having any idea of what it could be.

The man said that the children in the village were enthralled with the THARS going through their village, but they always wished they could have a drive in them. They could not afford to buy such vehicles, but they wished their children could get a ride in one. None would ask for it as they weren’t sure the visitors would agree. The children and parents perhaps would be happier if some one could take the children in their THAR for a ride. The money given to them for help would never replace the happiness that they would get from being in the vehicles. They never had the opportunity to be in one.

Happy kids on the THAR

Ashish was happy, he had always been taught that sharing was important, his grandmother and his parents too had always impressed upon him the necessity to share, especially with the underprivileged. He blurted out, why not, ask all the kids to get into my Thar. The kids didnt need a second call, the kids jumped into the THAR. The smiles on their faces was wide. They giggled ,screamed with joy as Ashish got the vehicle going. The ride was the happiest one that Ashish had in his last so many weeks . The THAR kept going over the land, no roads only fields and barren land, they drove around the village , along the dam, until dusk came upon them. Then as they drove back to the village and stopped, each one getting off the THAR, it was a wonderful happy group of contented children. Ashish took them for a photosession , promising them that any time he came back to the village, he would take them all in a drive .

Kids in a remote village

Money is not everything . Small acts of care and love spread much ore happiness. The underprivileged need to get a share of things that they normally do not have. A drive in a vehicle is much more than a few rupees you may give them for help rendered. Any thing that can be shared, your toys, sports equipment, cycles should be shared with those who are not able to have them. It brings joy to them and much more joy to the one who shares it too. The joy of sharing and giving is the stepping stone to the art of living . So let’s start and keep sharing.

Next ride soon

Note… Ashish is my elder son. For all his shortcomings and negative points the one good thing that counters all of that is his willingness to share and give. May this be a permanent nature and bring happiness to many.


Do not anger the gods

The good lord made you to be a comedian

You were good at it

You revelled in your art

You made millions laugh

You made them forget sorrow

At least for a few fleeting moments

You did vulgar acts to make them laugh

The good lord forgave you this misdemeanor

You used your popularity well

You became the leader of Ukraine

So far so good

The lord too was happy

Then you began meddling in affairs of the world

In which you were not well versed

You tried to makes friends out of inherent foes

You turned former friends into foes

You dabbled in matters that weren’t your domain

You are sorely responsible for the consequences of this war

You let the Russian army invade you

Thinking that your new found friends would back you

They ditched you

Today your people are suffering

For no fault of theirs

They suffer for the incompetence of a comedian

Who could not a politician make

You weren’t meant for this

You were made to make people laugh

Not make them cry

Today you are the reason

For the  misery of your countrymen.

Millions have left Ukraine, thousands dead or maimed

The good lord is not pleased

Why when I make man a comedian

Does he to look the other way

Why did he yearn to be a leader

To bring the whole world on the brink of another war?

Like the Turkish saying. If a clown enters the palace, he does not become a king. The palace becomes a circus.


There’s still time

Sit across the negotiation tables

Stop this war

Stop the wounds being inflicted upon the Ukrainians’

Do not anger the good lord anymore

Let the lord’s will be done

May good sense prevail upon you.

As to Putin, the rascal

The good lord has decided his punishment

Which you need not worry about.

The Lord shall decide

The best hope today to end the war is, Zelensky steps down, hands over charge to an interim government, the world leaders get together to broker peace . Russia will accept, their basic fear that Zelensky was inching towards NATO and cosying up with them shall no more stand. There shall be instant peace, an atleast a temporary solution. The world is not in a situation where it shall be dragged into a WW3. So Zelensky return to your role as the comedian, your lack of political, military knowledge and experience has brought misery to Ukraine. Stop it now, for god’s sake. Save your country , save the world.

What if India invades Pakistan….Do we face same fate and world opinion as Russia has.

How long will India keep mum

EU  and NATO supported Ukraine…Right or wrong is for time to tell…..Russia examined all the possibilities of a danger to their country….They invaded Ukraine…..The world today admonishes Russia. That would exactly be the the situation if India invades Pakistan. The social media , the whites, the EU, the USA and their powerful run social media for sure will screw our happiness. The truth that Pakistan has been causing fatalities on Indians through state supported and sponsored terrorism in India will never be talked about , that we shall be taking a thoughtful decision to keep our country safe will never be understood deliberately. The FB , the twitter handles, telegram, Instagram, youtube and every social media controlled and propelled by the west will be out for our blood, they will spell disinformation, call us devil’s and side with Pakistan.  We then would be in the same position as Russia is in today Inspite of us being right. Hence take the love for Ukraine in the social media with a pinch if salt.

For decades Pakistan has been conducting covert attacks on India, they have send their terrorist teams multiple times into Indian soil causing untold misery to India, civilians and military personnel have been maimed and killed, for no fault of ours. Yet we maintained a decent gentleman approach, we have not yet attacked them militarily, which in fact we should have done long ago.

At war

Ukraine has a Russian speaking Jew , leading them. A former mass appeal comedian, good gab of the tongue, guts impersonified, love for his country, support from all anti Russian countries. He has made the blunder of trusting NATO and double crossing the Russians . The present situation was inevitable, if not Putin any other Russian leader would have taken a similar stand. Today as his country faces the consequences of his actions, the world is out in Zelenskys support. Countries world over are with him, of course that they will do nothing sincerely is another matter . The social  media is full of support for Zelensky and Ukraine . They are painting Putin as a madman, a despot, another Hitler. They will never tell the truth , they will get the world opinion against Russia , they are controlled by a few despot businessmen who are mostly Americans. That’s why India will face the same wrath of world opinion if we were to invade Pakistan, which in fact is highly overdue .

Pakistan has a charismatic cricket player and captain, sportsman as it’s prime minister. Imran khan is an iconic figure , former cricket captain, winner of a world cup, fast bowler par excellence. Married to a British white and I hear later divorced. What moral values??     He hasn’t been kind to India either, daily skirmishes on our borders , they train terrorist on their soil to cause mayhem in India.               They have given a safe haven to Dawood the main accused on the Mumbai terrorist attacks , they prop up terrorist attacks daily in Kashmir . They terrorise  minority hindus in Pakistan. Yet all along India has been silent. How long.

Except for the Bangladesh war when the iron lady of India, Indira Gandhi got them to their knees , we have not attacked them again. We have always only defended our territory . That time too in1971 when we liberated east Pakistan or Bangladesh, the same countries who support Ukraine today were against us. Right from the USA to Britain, covertly and openly sided with Pakistan  except Russia, no one even tried to help India. Yet we won, hands down. Nearly a lakh Pakistani troops surrendered. We had the large heart to let them go Scot free. The world against us , they never expected a lady , Indira Gandhi to be as stubborn and strong. Today Putin is in a similar situation. He needs to safeguard his countries security.

Iron lady..Indira Gandhi

That’s the moot question, one day or the other there will be a war, we can’t take this lying down forever. Pakistan needs to be taught a lesson , we can’t afford to let’s our civilian population to die in their sponsored terrorist attacks, neither ca we let are armed forces personnel die in their covert attacks. The west, NTO ans EU need Pakistan, to install their positions to have an upper hand and control over India. They will side with Pakistan and offer them warships, planes and tanks as freebies . Why should India permit this   one day or the other Indian government will have to take the decision of attacking and invading Pakistan to keep our soveirgnity safe.

Indira once showed the world….What India is….The world against us except USSR…YET WE WON

They will disseminate misinformation against us, they will garner world opinion against us, we will despised , accused of manslaughter, they will impose similar sanctions on us, they will will look out for an opportunity to dismember India . All for military supremacy and financial gains . Pakistan will be projected as an innocent underdog and scape goat. We will be the Russia of today

Social media..Today’s mighty pen

So my dear countrymen , before commenting on the present war or taking sides, posting your unwanted posts on social media, please have a rethink. We know about our regions and present condition with Pakistan. The government of today might be forced to declare war on them .    Do not oppose it, the government needs your support . Russia will fight it’s war, Ukraine will defend itself. You or I, or our posts will not decide the outcome . But if we go to war with Pakistan, screw the world, we shall only support our government.

Put ourselves in the place of the Russians , we shall bein for similar criticism and no world support. Let’s not try to play god in this wars. Let the war take it’s own course. Of course if Ukraine is devasted by war lend them a helping  hand, financially, medical help and help them rebuilt their nation, let us use our good offices to defuse the situation not inflame it.

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