Barking dogs seldom bite…..The omicron wave.

Barking dogs seldom bite

Ever since omicron came to dominate the covid scenario there have been discussions ,heated debates and arguments amongst the medical, scientific, bureaucratic and political community as to how it should be handled, whether it will cause increase in hospitalisation and deaths, will it spread rapidly. Views have been varied, each section claiming that they are right.

The vaccination against COVID has bee accepted by citizens at large, not necessarily because they believe in it but with the fear of death at the back of their minds they did take it, perhaps grudgingly. The scientific community, the pharmaceutical giants, manufacturers of vaccines, the bureaucrats and political people were the main peddlers for the vaccine. Never in the history of mankind has any vaccine with only permission for emergency use been given to so many people. It has been unprecedented . The political class and bureaucrats take pride in having vaccinated their populations without even knowing that the vaccine has only permission as an emergency use vaccine. The vaccine manufacturers are thrilled at the quantity sold and used, their profits have skyrocketed, the scientific community happy that thier line has been towed. The doctors community is divided on the issue, anyways they are neither the direct or major beneficiary in the whole vaccine game.


Whether the vaccine has actually provided immunity to fully vaccinated is still a matter of study, concern and debate. Now they are propogating booster doses. Decisions are being taken by non medical personnel and the political establishment. The medical fraternity are divided in opinion but prefer to tow the official line,though there are a few scattered subdued voices of dissent.

Omicron has spread across the globe

Cases have been increasing worldwide at an alarming speed. Majority of the population is now infected. Hospitalisation rates are low and deaths are few. The fear of uncertainty is there. It is being advocated that this wave with its higher rate of infectivity and mild symptoms will ultimately lead to herd immunity and a vaccine itself might not be needed. At the same time vaccines are being pumped in for the younger age groups ,booster doses are also being advocated for all who have completed their second dose of vaccine. How much has vaccination helped, will this game of further boosters be kept going on perpetually. No one knows. Will people with complete second doses and booster remain immune………who knows!

Just going through the cases in a urban local body area in India, I found some statistics that perhaps will be unable to justify the fact that vaccination will help a person avoid from getting infected. The data is limited for a couple of weeks, it’s not a complete study, that data too could be imperfect and faulty. The data consists of infections in persons who were vaccinated. The data indicates that over 45 percent of the people who have had two doses of the vaccine are testing postive over the last two weeks. @ 0.70 percent of previous cases were reinfected and @ 2.8 percent infected had taken a single dose of the vaccine.Does it mean that the vaccine was ineffective in stopping the virus or is it that it can’t stop the latest mutated version. This does not augur well for the argument for vaccination. If this is so how will a booster help?? What about the claimed efficacy of the vaccine. With new cases multiplying by the day it could be possible that the percentage of those having been vaccinated and still getting infected would still increase further. What should we do, take the two doses and stay shut or go further and take booster doses. No complete answers are available, atleast at present.

This wave has seen the virus spreading rapidly at breakneck speed. Admission or need for oxygen beds are not very high, but the sheer numbers of infected could see us in a situation where beds could be unavailable soon. Deaths are hardly any but one can’t predict the future. Omicron has perhaps replaced delta version of the virus. But will omicron bite or just remain a barking dog. Only time will tell.

Will it bite

Fighting the plastic menace

Plastic, once upon a time boon to mankind has come haunt us today and might spell doom of the environment for future generations. A look at garbage depots or even garbage strewn along streets or water bodies including oceans will give us an insight as to the enormity of the plastic menace. Everywhere it’s plastic. Right from clogging our drainage systems to filling up the oceans it’s everywhere. Stray cattle, animals, fish and birds already have their stomachs full of plastic leading to their untimely and early deaths. Plastic does not degenerate for centuries and this needs to be in the back of our minds .

The ease of production, light weight, durability , malleability and cheap costs have made the use of plastic popular to a very large extent. Right from bags to plates, spoons, bottles, straws everything is plastic. The single use plastics are of even a bigger concern. This has to be curtailed in time else it will lead to doomsday. Plastic of course can’t be wished away, medical use intravenous bottles, syringes, three ways , catheters are a blessing which at present seems to have no other better alternative . Yet other single use plastics needs to be banned for the better of this universe.

Simple actions that will help us achieve this goal are many but it will require citizens whole hearted support, political will and our intent to save this planet for our future generations. 1. Lets begin with banning liquor of any quantity sold in plastic bottles. Liquor is not a necessity, hence this small action will help eliminating hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles reaching garbage yards or water bodies. Just pass the law. Do it.

2. Medicines dispensed in plastic bottles . Millions of plastic bottles can immediately be stopped. Alternatives are easily available and have been there for ages.

3. Water bottles, packaged drinking water is perhaps the highest contributor to this menace. Atleast for a beginning ban anything below one litre. That itself will help reduce plastic waste to a great extent. Raise the taxes on bottled water so that it’s use will come down to atleast some extent.

4. Cold drinks or soft drinks all of which from times immemorial came in glas bottles. Ban the use of plastic bottles in this industry with immediate effect. Consumption of soft drinks is perpetually increasing hence the ban on plastic bottling here is definitely going to be of a great help.

5. Single use plastic plates , stirrers, spoons, glasses, straws have already been banned in India, now it needs to be implemented strictly.

6. Single use plastic carry bags , the biggest menace, ban them all, irrespective of microns thickness. They are sold , used and disposed by million every hour. They can been seen in all road side garbage of varying colors and sizes. They are the cause of blockages in the drainage and storm water systems which have lead to flooding in monsoons. Ingested by all fauna causing illness and death .

The alternative to single use plastics are many, you need not reinvent the wheel. Just pass the laws and implement them strictly . Of course political will is important. Politicians will be pressurized and paid by the plastic manufacturing lobby not to bring about these laws. Governments need to be firm, it’s a universe we inherited from our father’s and forefathers, it’s our responsibility to pass it on to our future generations in a state where they too can enjoy it. Let’s hope good sense prevails over men and governments and we implement necessary actions immediately.

The unwanted girl child….Nakoshi (नकोशी)

I was working as a medical officer at a remote village, Pasali in taluka Velhe, at a primary health centre in the late eighties or from 1987 to be precise. It was a remote village in Pune district, Maharashtra, India, nestled at the back of the famous Torna fort. We lacked in staff, hence many a time I myself would have to issue case papers as there was no clerk. It was then that I came across names of people which I had never heard before. Fasabai, Nakoshi….They were names that sounded unusual, especially the name Nakoshi. It sounded like an east european name. I was surprised such a name was there in this remote place little knowing what it actually meant.

Indian mentality was and still is to a certain extent biased against the girl child. The birth of a girl child is unwelcome especially if it is a second or third girl child. The girl child is looked upon as a disadvantage, a future financial crisis in terms of marriage and dowry . Hence they are usually discriminated lot. Right from child hood they are discriminated oppressed denied good education, at times forced into child labour,begging etc. Once married the thinking is they shall be of no help to the parents in terms of money or work, hence parents think the girl is not an asset but a liability.

Fasabai…..Was the name usually given if it was the third girl child in a row. In marathi it meant being fooled. The expectation was a boy child but this girl came out into this world , that means expectations belied, she fooled us , we were expecting a boy, hence she is named Fasabai…..(फासाबाई) the one who fooled us. What is this but not discrimination. How can we name a beautiful girl child so.? Who gave us the right to name someone so. The girl will grow up with this name, discriminated, shamed perpetually. What was her fault, it was gods will that she be born. The Indian mentality has definitely changed for the better today but not yet completely.

Nakoshi….The name which in fact at first look I liked, it sounded so european to me. I never tried to find out what it meant. As a couple of years of my service here passed by and at a general get together with the villagers and politicians I happened to state that it is great that the villagers had such a nice name for children. The sarpanch’s answer and explanation shocked me. How could I have not deciphered the meaning of this name in my two years of service?? The good sounding name to me was in fact an insult to mankind, a shame to society. Nakoshi (नकोशी) …….means unwanted…in marathi. This is the name that parents gave to the fourth female child born in a row to them. A fourth girl child is unwanted to them, they wanted a son, a boy. So they directly reject the girl child by naming her Nakoshi. This is an injustice to gods creation, the girl child. Unwanted……How can parents even take such a decision, how can we name her as the unwanted one.

This is a reflection of our bias towards the girl child which later resulted into sex determination tests followed by medical termination of pregnancy if it is a girl fetus. This slowly led to a skewed sex ratio all over India. This forced the government to ban sex determination. The sad thing is the government had to intervene. We the citizens have to change our mind sets, we have to accept and celebrate the birth of a child , girl or boy with equal amount of joy and happiness without discrimination, only then will the Fasabais and Nakoshis get justice.

The silver lining was the movement in Satara district where over 200 girls with the Nakoshi were renamed at a function. Kudos to those social groups and organisation that have managed this change in the names of these girl. May common sense prevail over us and let no other new born girl child ever be named as NAKOSHI.

Where did I go wrong ?

Where did I go wrong ?
I studied relentlessly to become a doctor,
where did I go wrong?
I took up a job, that too a government job.
Is this where I went wrong?
I worked sincerely, ….then……
where did I go wrong?
I refused to pay bribes when I got promoted.
Where did I go wrong?
I worked my heart out, efficiently and silently, I refused to bent to pressures.
Where did I go wrong?
They took away all my authority one by one, they disrobed me.
Where did I go wrong?

They tried to shame me, I didnt break.
Where did I go wrong?
They insulted me, abused me, they tried my patience, I stood firm.
Where did I go wrong?
They still deny me me justice, delays are the norm here. Where did I go wrong?

Now I know, I was always wrong.
I was not meant to be amongst them, I was different. I was the wrong person at the wrong place, They didnt deserve me.
I should never have been here….yet I worked here accepting things as they came….. I  realized this too late …. I was wrong….I was wrong……. I was always wrong.

मी कुठे चुकलो ….डॉ अनिल रॉय… Translation into marathi by Dr Mahendra Wante

कुठे बरं चुकलो मी?
डॉक्टर होण्यासाठी अहोरात्र अभ्यास केला हे चुकलं ?
MBBS होऊनही सरकारी नोकरीत रमलो हे चुकलं?
मनापासून केलं प्रामाणिक काम तेही चुकारांच्या गर्दीत… म्हणून मी चुकलो?

लाच न देता बढती मिळवत गेलो
म्हणून मी चुकलो?
ना दबलो ना झुकलो पण काम करत राहिलो..
इथेच बहुदा मी चुकलो?
भरसभेत वस्त्रा समान एक एक अधिकार उतरवताना विकट हास्याने त्यांनी लाजवलं.. अपमान झाला कुणीतरी शिवीही झोडली..
ना मी पातळी सोडली ना माझी मान मोडली…
म्हणून का मी चुकलो?

माझ्या हक्काचा न्याय मिळता मिळता किती उशीर झाला…एक बरं झालं उशीरा का होईना पण एक साक्षात्कार झाला….
अरे…त्या पदांच्या लायकी पेक्षा मी किती तरी वेगळा होतो…
बहुदा या जागेसाठी मी नव्हतोच बनलो
तरीही इथे रमलो म्हणून मी चुकलो….
तरीही इथे रमलो म्हणून मी चुकलो….

B.1.1.529…Omicron…..नवीनतम धोका

Dr. Anil Roy, PCMC speaks
(Translation by Hanumant Landge)

B.1.1.529…Omicron…..नवीनतम धोका

कोविड व्हायरस खरोखर कधीच गेला नाही. ते क्षीण झाले आणि क्षीण झाले, उत्परिवर्तित झाले, जगाच्या लोकसंख्येला नकळत घेऊन गेले, लाखो लोकांना मृत्यूचे दरवाजे दाखवले, मुले अनाथ, महिला विधवा, कुटुंबातील कमावत्या सदस्यांना घेऊन गेले. याने श्रीमंत किंवा गरीब दोघांनाही वाचवले नाही….तो एक महान तुल्यबळ होता ज्याने अतुलनीय दुःख आणले. लोकांनी नोकऱ्या गमावल्या, व्यवसाय तुटले, शक्तिशाली राष्ट्रांना हादरवून सोडले आणि जेव्हा आम्हाला वाटले की आम्ही व्हायरसवर मात केली आहे …….येथे OMICRON किंवा B .1.1.529 येतो.
हे एक नवीन, जोरदारपणे उत्परिवर्तित, भयानक, वेगाने पसरणारे आणि कदाचित प्राणघातक आहे. स्नायू दुखणे आणि एक-दोन दिवस बरे न वाटणे ही लक्षणे एक सौम्य आजार म्हणून दिसून येतात. काहींना थोडासा खोकला होऊ शकतो. दक्षिण आफ्रिकेतील अहवालानुसार कोणतीही प्रमुख लक्षणे नाहीत. याला आळा घालण्यासाठी सरकारे आधीच कृती करण्याच्या तयारीत आहेत. आधीच थकलेल्या वैद्यकीय समुदायाला या उत्परिवर्तनाचा सामना करण्यासाठी सज्ज व्हावे लागेल.
रिसेप्टर बाइंडिंग डोमेन (विषाणूचा भाग जो आपल्या शरीराच्या पेशींशी प्रथम संपर्क साधतो) मध्ये @ 10 उत्परिवर्तन आहेत असे म्हटले जाते, ज्याने जगाला वेढले आहे अशा डेल्टा प्रकारासाठी फक्त दोनच्या तुलनेत, स्पाइक प्रोटीनचे 30 पेक्षा जास्त उत्परिवर्तन, जे बहुतेक लसींचे लक्ष्य आहे. मूळ स्ट्रेन वापरून तयार केलेल्या लसी कदाचित तितक्या प्रभावी नसतील. हे चिंतेचे रूप म्हणून लेबल केले आहे. आपण या ओमिक्रॉनचा सामना कसा करू?

भारतालाही विषाणूच्या क्रोधाचा सामना करावा लागला, तरीही युरोप किंवा अमेरिकेच्या तुलनेत आपल्याकडे कमी मृत्यू झाला. आमच्या आरोग्याच्या पायाभूत सुविधांमध्ये सुरुवातीला उणीव आढळून आली असली तरी ती खूप लवकर बदलली आणि अपग्रेड झाली. आरोग्य कर्मचारी विलक्षण होते, त्यांना घरबसल्या सुसूत्रता मिळाली, लसीकरणानेही जलद गतीने काम केले, नागरिक, राजकारणी, व्यापारी आणि वैद्यकीय बांधवांनी सुटकेचा नि:श्वास सोडला आणि मग….हे.
आपण काय केले पाहिजे??? प्रथम, मूलभूत गोष्टींकडे परत. नियमितपणे हात धुवा, नियमितपणे मास्क वापरा, सुरक्षित अंतर ठेवा, तुमचे लसीचे शॉट्स घ्या, वृद्ध आणि असुरक्षित लोकांचे लसीकरण करा, गर्दी टाळा, चांगले वेंटिलेशन ठेवा, अवांछित किंवा संभाव्य संक्रमित ठिकाणांचा प्रवास टाळा. या उत्परिवर्तनाला आमच्या राज्यांमध्ये प्रवेश करण्यापासून कसे रोखता येईल यासाठी तुमच्या योजना तयार करा. कोविड योग्य वर्तनाची काटेकोरपणे अंमलबजावणी होत असल्याची खात्री करा. सर्वांनी डोस आणि बूस्टर दोन्हीसाठी लसीकरण केल्याची खात्री करा. ज्यांना लसीचे दोन्ही डोस घेतले आहेत त्यांनाच आंतरराज्य प्रवास प्रतिबंधित करा. उद्यान आणि उद्यानांसारख्या सार्वजनिक ठिकाणी फक्त लसीकरणास परवानगी द्या. प्रेक्षागृहे, मॉल्स, सिनेमा हॉल यांनी देखील केवळ पूर्ण लसीकरण केलेल्या लोकांनाच प्रवेश द्यावा आणि सर्वांनी कोविडचे योग्य वर्तन पाळावे याची खात्री करावी. अफवा पसरवणे थांबवा, घाबरू नका, नको असलेल्या, मूर्ख आणि अवैज्ञानिक ज्ञानाचा व्हॉट्स अॅप कारखाना बंद करा. परिस्थितीचा फायदा घेऊन या संभाव्य नव्या लाटेला आपले खिसे भरण्याची संधी बनवण्याचा प्रयत्न करणार नाही, अशी शपथ घ्या.
दक्षिण आफ्रिकेतून एक हजाराहून अधिक प्रवासी भारतात पोहोचले आहेत जिथे असंख्य रुग्णांमध्ये या उत्परिवर्तनाची चाचणी सकारात्मक आढळून आली आहे. त्यांना क्वारंटाईन केले आहे याची आम्हाला खात्री करावी लागेल. त्यांची चाचणी केली पाहिजे आणि त्याचप्रमाणे त्यांच्या सर्व संपर्कांचीही, त्यांना त्रास देऊ नये. यापूर्वीच दक्षिण आफ्रिकेतून बंगळुरू येथे आलेल्या दोन व्यक्तींची चाचणी पॉझिटिव्ह आली आहे. आपल्यासाठी आपत्ती ओढवू शकणार्‍या इतर गोष्टींचा प्रसार रोखण्यात मदत करण्यासाठी आपण खूप दक्ष राहू या.
मूळ प्रश्‍नावर येत असताना, प्रशासन वेळेवर आटोक्यात आणण्यात अपयशी ठरले, तर त्यांच्या चुकीच्या निर्णयामुळे आपण अडचणीत येऊ. डॉक्टरांना जबाबदारी घेऊ द्या, त्यांना काय करायचे ते ठरवू द्या. डॉक्टरांना पूर्ण अधिकार द्या, काय आणि कसे करावे याचा त्यांचा निर्णय अंतिम असावा… कृपया राजकारणी आणि नोकरशहा यांना यापासून दूर ठेवा, ते गोंधळातच भर घालू शकतात.

सरकारने सर्व निर्णय आणि कृती डॉक्टर आणि वैद्यकीय बंधुत्वाकडे सोपवण्याचा निर्णय घेण्याची अपेक्षा करतो जेणेकरून आम्ही या लाटेशी अधिक चांगल्या प्रकारे लढू शकू आणि जीव वाचविण्यात मदत करू. चला ते मान्य करूया, हे डॉक्टरांचे डोमेन आहे, त्यांना चांगले माहीत आहे. चला डॉक्टरांना मागे बसू देऊ नका.

B.1.1.529…Omicron…..Latest threat

The covid virus never really went away. It waxed and waned, mutated, took the world population unawares, showed the doors of death to hundreds of thousands, left children orphans, women widows, took away earning members of families. It spared neither rich nor poor….It was a great equaliser which brought misery unparalleled. People lost jobs, businesses broke, shook powerful nations and just when we thought we had overcome the virus …….Here comes OMICRON or B .1.1.529.

Its a new, heavily mutated, horrible, fast spreading and perhaps lethal. It is said to present as a mild disease with symptoms being sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two not feeling well. Some might have a slight cough. There are no prominent symptom as per reports from South Africa. Already this is getting governments into frenzy of action to stop it. The medical fraternity , already exhausted has to gear up to face this mutant.

The receptor binding domain (the part of the virus that makes first contact with our body’s cells), is said to have @ 10 mutations compared to just two for the Delta variant that swept the world,supposedly more than 30 mutations of the spike protein, which is the target of most vaccines. The vaccines, which were designed using the original strain, may not be as effective. It is labelled as a variant of concern. How do we face this Omicron?

Protect yourself, Protect others.

India too faced the wrath of the virus, yet unlike Europe or America we had lesser mortalities. Our health infrastructure though found lacking initially really moved and upgraded very quickly. The health staff was fantastic, they got the house in order, vaccination too worked at a rapid pace, the citizens, politicians, buisnessmen and medical fraternity heaved half a sigh of relief and then….This.

What should we do??? First, back to basics. Washing hands regularly, use a mask regularly, keep safe distance, take your vaccine shots, vaccinate the aged and vulnerable, avoid crowds, have good ventillation, avoid travel to unwanted or likely infected destinations. Get your plans ready on how to prevent this mutant from penetrating our states. Ensure covid appropriate behaviour is implemented strictly. Ensure all get vaccinated for both the doses and booster too if recommended. Restrict interstate travel to only those who have had both doses of the vaccine. Allow only the vaccinated into public areas like parks and gardens. Auditoriums, malls, cinema halls too should admit only fully vaccinated people and ensure all follow covid appropriate behaviour. Stop spreading rumours, do not panic, stop the whats app factory of unwanted , foolish and unscientific knowledge. Take an oath that we shall not try to make this possible new wave into an opportunity to fill our pockets, taking advantage of the situation .

Over a thousand travellers have reached india from South Africa where this mutant has been tested positive in numerous patients . We will have to ensure that they are quarantined. They should be tested and so should all their contacts, they should not be harrassed . Already two persons who arrived at Bangalore from South Africa have tested positive . Let’s be very vigilant in helping prevent spread else that could spell disaster for us.

Coming to the moot question, if the administration fails in containing it on time, due to their misguided fancy decisions , we are in for trouble. Let the doctors take charge, let them decide what is to be done. Give doctors the full powers, their decision on what and how it should be done should be final…… Please keep the politician and the bureaucrat away from it, they can only add to the confusion.

Let the doctor be king, this wave.

Looking forwards to the government taking a decision to hand over all decisions and actions to doctors and medical fraternity so that we fight this wave better and help save lives. Let’s accept it, this is a doctor’s domain, they know best. Let’s not allow the doctors to take the backseat.

Ahmednagar hospital fire….doctors nurses suspended, terminated, arrested…….Why so?

The fire killed 11 patients

A fire broke out on 6.11.2021 at 11am on the ground floor of the Ahmednagar civil  hospital, where 17 patients were admitted, of which 15 were on either ventilator or oxygen support. 11 died. A medical officer and three staff nurses were arrested on charges of causing death by negligence and culpable homicide not amounting to  murder.

A short circuit is suspected to be the cause of the blaze according to the chief fire officer of the city. Reports say that the  district Collector stated that a fire audit had been carried out at the hospital. But according to the fire officer the work of installing necessary safety systems was incomplete due to “want of funds.

Medical fraternity, the scapegoats

It is a tragedy, who is to be blamed??? ………The doctors and nursing staff have been made scapegoats, suspended, terminated and arrested.  Why??. Did they cause the fire?..Whose job was it to ensure a fire never took place?? Are they being questioned?  What do you mean by “lack of funds”.. Were the doctors and nurses supposed to fund the work.

It was a covid ICU…These doctors and staff have been working day and night here to save patients lives ever sine the pandemic started, no rest, no sleep, no holidays…Only the risk of getting infected. Were the doctors and staff supposed to check the fire systems or install them, were they supposed to douse the fire. Was it not enough that they worked sincerely in the covid wards and ICU bravely , never complaining. Then why are they made the scapegoats. Who was supposed to ensure the fire alarms, sprinklers, smoke detectors  and extinguishers were in place, are they being questioned . Who was responsible for providing adequate funds in time, have they been questioned, NO……They are all scot free…….The medical fraternity is a group of timid humans….They only know to love and serve….And this is what they get…….. Disgusting.   No politician, social groups or so called human rights activists come forward to defend them, no bureaucrat defends them…..They all find pleasure in blaming them, punishing them.

Where is the justice ?? Why cant the judiciary see the truth before placing them into police custody. Why dont judges ask….Who built the ICU, who supplied the equipment, who was the electrial contractor….After all it was supposedly a short circuit that caused the fire.  Does the judiciary ask who was responsible for not providing the funds needed.  NO.   The easiest way out, arrest a few doctors a d nurses to show action has been taken, and save the  skins of the real culprits.

Is this justice

Another moot point…..Where is the unity amongst doctors and the para medical staff. Except for the local doctors and paramedics no one seems to utter a word of protest . The Indian Medical Association makes feeble noises, nothing concrete. This must change, it’s utter injustice towards the medical fraternity……….The real heroes of the Covid pandemic sentenced to grave injustice . My condolences to the families who lost their near and dear ones

May the dead rest in peace

Ahmednagar is in Maharashtra, India

Sympathy and Empathy

Sympathy or Empathy

Two siblings of human nature, both beautiful, one more than the other……..The ability to understand and share the feelings of another, is how the dictionary defines empathy. It simply means awareness and understanding of the feelings and emotions of other people. It is how we as individuals understand what others are experiencing as if we were feeling it ourselves. Sympathy is defined by the dictionary as feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else’s misfortune. Feeling sympathy means you feel sorry or sad for someone’s situation, even if you’ve never been there yourself.

Sympathy normally comes naturally to humans, it’s not difficult to feel sorry for others, at times it is not expressed , only felt yet many a times it is seen in small actions. Hari had lost his father all of 76 years, the cremation was just over. His friends had gathered at the crematorium, as they left each one approached Hari to take leave, some folded their hands in respect, others tapped him on the shoulders and some hugged him briefly . Each one felt sorry for Hari, each ones reaction was different , all felt sad for him……There was sympathy in their hearts. At the same time there were people who felt, so what? 76 is old age and die each one has to. The incident failed to ignite the feelings of sympathy, they failed to understand Hari’s sadness, that’s because the animal instincts in them overpowered their human instincts. Inspite of this they too patted or embraced Hari as they left, that was a social compulsion, their show of sympathy was socially motivated.

In a similar manner there hundreds of occasions where you feel sad or have sympathy for others during your lifetime , a class mate fails his exams, you sympathise, a friend who just failed to get admission to a college of his choice, you sympathise , your sibling didn’t get selected to the school football team, all these are instances where one feels sad or sympathises for the others failures or losses. Humans, the normally oriented will always naturally sympathise with others in their grief, bad times and sadness……….It is basic human nature, but beyond this and most important is to Empathise.

The naughty boy flung a stone at the barking dog. It hit the stray on his hind legs and it wailed in pain..It couldn’t run now, it was limping. Roshan was witnessing this, as the dog wailed , Roshan felt the pain in his legs too, he looked angrily at the naughty boy and shooed him away. He walked towards the injured dog but it was scared and kept limping away. Roshan stopped , bent down and called out to the dog who slowly halted and then limped towards him. Roshan could understand the dogs feelings, his pain, he could experience the dogs misfortune….He could empathise with the dogs situation. This is not just sympathising. This is one of the greatest character that humans posses ….Empathy.

Arjun worked as a multipurpose worker with the primary health center . He carried the vaccine carrier and other medicines as he gridded along the wet muddy train along with the auxillary nurse midwife and the attendant on their way for an immunization session. As they reached the village he noticed two children at home who were lying on the mud verandah. They looked ill. The mother was sitting alongside and stichting their worn and torn dresses. He enquired as to what was wrong, the mother said nothing, the small girly wailed she was hungry. The mother tried to shut her up. One look again at the children and Arjun knew they were really hungry. Thin and emaciated, anemic and malnourished. Their father worked far away in the city and probably hadn’t sent any money. The mother had nothing to feed the children, she too looked emaciated. Arjun sat down beside them, opened his tiffin and motioned to the children to join him. His tiffin was packed with 5 bhakris( sorghum bread). He had a voracious appetite and so his wife always packed his tiffin with excess food. The children slowly moved toward him, he offered them a bhakri each with the vegetable curry. The mother looked the other way. He realised that she too hadn’t had any food. He asked to get some water and a plate. As she got them he put two bhakris and some curry into the plate and pushed it towards her. He could see and feel their hunger, the bhakri that was left he started to eat. He watched them all eat slowly, their eyes wet. He understood their situation, he felt satiated as he saw them eat. No one spoke, they were thankful for the meal, he was happy he understood their situation and could help . This is how he empathised with them. The beauty of human nature. Empathy is gods gift to human nature and behaviour. Nothing can explain the happiness one gets and the happiness one spreads when you empathise.

To have the twin qualities of sympathy and empathy surely makes the world a happier place to live in. When you empathise the God within you comes alive.

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